Road trip time! Visit Homestead Needle Arts in Michigan

Put this stop on your needlework shop travel list: Homestead Needle Arts, 8185 Holly Road, Suite 4, Grand Blanc, Michigan,
Put this shop on your summer travel list: Homestead Needle Arts in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Doug recently gave his famous thread talk here and reported, "It's a fabulous shop." Get to know owner Theresa Swiecicki and learn about the shop in our interview below.

Doug Kreinik, the very tall Theresa Swiecicki (owner of Homestead Needle Arts) and Kreinik Creative Director Dena Lenham
Q: How long have you had the shop?
A: I have owned Homestead Needle Arts for over 15 years.  The shop has been in business for over 45 years in Grand Blanc, Michigan.  I live more than 30 miles from the shop but kept it here as it's always been in Grand Blanc.  

I've always been interested in fiber arts and can remember lacing cardboard back when I was young and thinking it was the most fun thing ever!  In my early teens I learned quite a lot from books.  In my 20's I took an occasional class at two different shops near my home.  One of the earliest needlepoint pieces I stitched was the chart Ashes of Roses by Fancy Work and Fantasies and it won the Blue Ribbon at the Michigan State Fair.  I was addicted!  

In late 2003 I found out that the owner of Homestead Needle Arts was closing the store and I inquired about purchasing it as I was unemployed at the time.  So I bought my own job!  

Homestead is one of the shops that fulfills orders placed on the Kreinik website, Theresa is terrific about getting Kreinik to you, whether it's for fly fishing, needlework, crafting, quilting, etc.
Q: Which Kreinik threads do you carry?
A: I carry Kreinik braids in Sizes 8, 12 and 16 and some of the more popular colors in 1/16" ribbon.  One of my favorite things to tell a customer is "I can order that for you" because I know how frustrating it can be to want a particular thread and be unable to obtain it.  

Stitchers had a fun and inspiring time when Doug Kreinik visited the shop for his famous Thread Talk
Q: Do you have classes at the shop?
A: I teach a two hour class twice a week at the shop and am currently teaching an all day class one Saturday a month.  The two hour classes encourage the student to bring in any needlepoint piece and learn at their own pace and at the Saturday class we're all working on the same painted canvas.

I also host teachers and my favorite one by far is Kathy Fenchel.  She teaches here monthly and her students have become very proficient.  It's difficult to get a seat in her class due to her popularity!  I have hosted other national teachers here at the shop over the years.  

Other fun events I've held include learning to paint your own canvas, simple ornament finishing, experiencing different silk threads, Getaway Weekends, and of course, the  Homestead Needle Arts Customer Garage Sale where customers sell their no-longer-loved needlepoint supplies; we've had this event for over 30 years.  I also host a monthly stitch-in where a group of us will spend the entire day stitching and socializing.  That's a popular event!  

We'll be right over for our free kisses, sweet Skye!
Q: We have heard you often have a very special visitor to the shop...
A: On occasion, my golden retriever Skye will come to work with me but as she is still very young and she demands a lot of attention from people.  My last dog Star was so well behaved that she came every day and even had her favorite customers!  

For more information:


Do you have the newest Kreinik color list?

Kreinik's newest metallic colors on a needlepoint canvas by Robbyn's Nest Designs
With the recent addition of our new metallic colors—9591 Buttercup, 9592 Peony, 9594 Bluebonnet, not to mention the fabulous 096 Sea Glass from last year—we just updated the Kreinik Metallic Color Reference Chart. Photo swatches of all colors in all metallic thread sizes are shown on one side. The color chart also tells you which colors come in which thread sizes, since not all colors are available in all sizes. Download your copy here:

Download a copy of our color chart here:
Keep the color chart download on your phone, tablet or computer as a quick reference guide. If you choose to print it at home, you will need 11" x 17" paper; it is double-sided with full color on one side and black and white on the other. If you are unable to print at home and want a printed version, send a self-addressed, stamped #10 envelope to: Kreinik Metallic Color Chart, PO Box 1966, Parkersburg WV 26102 (your envelope must have appropriate postage; one copy per envelope; no emailed versions available).  

Even better...

If you want the truest color reference, treat yourself to the Kreinik Metallic Thread Color Card. This flip-book has actual threads wrapped on cards, so you can match your canvases and projects exactly. Ask your favorite needlework store to order one for you, or get one here:

The Kreinik Metallic Color Card features actual thread samples for the truest color representation.


Discontinued Kreinik Thread Colors

We hate to discontinue any thread color, but sometimes it is required due to manufacturing problems (like, we can't get the raw material to transform it into your favorite Kreinik threads). Back in 2014 we posted a list of discontinued colors, then a reminder list with conversion suggestions in 2017. Every week, however, we get inquiries from stitchers, shops and designers saying "I didn't know that color was discontinued." So we thought this would be the perfect time to post it again. 

We suggest printing it, folding it up and keeping it with your thread stash. Even better, add a mark to the labels on spools of discontinued colors; that way you can keep them but know they can't be replaced. It's spring cleaning time, perfect for rearranging your Kreinik stash and making note of colors no longer in the line-up. You will find the list of discontinued colors below.

Great tips for stitchers who love buying thread stashes on Ebay, at estate sales, and Goodwill/Salvation Army stores: 

  1. The thread dye lot most likely has changed. Mark those threads some how so you know and won't get caught running out mid project.
  2. Some of those threads may be discontinued. Google and contact the manufacturer to double check before you use them in a project (and end up needing more). 

Discontinued Kreinik colors and suggested substitutions (NM means no close match)

• 031L Berry Red = 153V Vintage Burgundy
• 034 Confetti = NM
• 041 Confetti Pink = 044 Confetti Blue
• 042 Confetti Fuchsia = NM 
• 043 Confetti Green = NM
• 070 Mardi Gras = 5011 Elfin Green
• 195 Sunburst = 095 Starburst
• 235 Red Ember = 307 Deep Coral
• 271 Plum = 3223 Ametrine
• 393 Silver Night = 622 Wedgewood Blue
• 664 Magenta Blue = NM 
• 3240 Opal = 095 Starburst
• 3508 Rhumba Green = 829 Mint Julep
• 3509 Cha Cha Verde = 008HL Green Hi Lustre
• 3540 Bolero Black = 005 Black
• 4001 Green Tea = 4201 Sugar Cane
• 4002 Spiced Chai = 4202 Dusky Meadow
• 4003 Ginseng Gold = 4203 Cattail
• 4004 Earl Grey = 4204 Storm Cloud
• 4005 Sugar Cube = 102 Vatican Gold
• 4006 Rosehip = NM (slightly more lilac is 3223 Ametrine. 093 Star Mauve, or 023 Lilac; slightly pinker is 007HL Pink Hi Lustre)
• 5002 Pixiedust = NM (close but without blue is 
• 4013 Purple Haze or 3223 Ametrine, or without the purple is 025 Grey)
• 5004 Love Potion = 024L Fiery Fuchsia
• 5007 Brocade = 5006 Ore
• 5008 Leprechaun = 009 Emerald
• 5525 Lemon = 5725 Lollipop Lemon
• 5530 Rosemary Green = 4201 Sugar Cane
• 9300 Orchid = NM (closest pastel is slightly darker 093 Star Mauve)
• 2094HL Heather Hi Lustre = NM
• 056F Blueberry = NM 
• 057F Grape = NM 
• 003C Red Cord = 003 Red
• 005C Black Cord = 005 Black
• 007C Pink Cord = 007 Pink
• 008C Green Cord = 008 Green
• 011C Nickel Cord = 010HL Steel Grey
• 012C Purple Cord = 012 Purple
• 032C Pearl Cord = 032 Pearl
• 034C Confetti Cord = NM (closest but without black is 095 Starburst)
• 041C Confetti Pink Cord = 044 Confetti Blue
• 051C Sapphire Cord = 051HL Sapphire Hi Lustre
• 086C Fern = 4201 Sugar Cane
• 087C Meadow Grass = 089 Aspen
• 088C Lily Pond Cord = 4201 Sugar Cane
• 104C Colonial Gold Cord = 210 Gold Dust
• 208C Wine Cord = 080HL Garnet Hi Lustre
• 225C Slate Cord = 025 Grey
• MD76 Marine Blue in Micro Ice Chenille = NM
• Petite/Facets 012 = Petite/Facets 026


3 new Kreinik metallic thread colors!

Meet the newest Kreinik metallic thread colors! Available in Kreinik Fine #8 Braid, Tapestry #12 Braid and Medium #16 Braid (no #4 Braid right now). These fun metallic colors are a wee bit thicker, so go down a size than you'd normally use. 

Welcome 9591 Buttercup, 9592 Peony, and 9594 Bluebonnet. 

9591 Buttercup

9592 Peony

9594 Bluebonnet

Ask your favorite needlework store to order the new colors for you. They fit right in with our current pastel shades such as 091 Star Yellow, 092 Star Pink, and 094 Star Blue, offering a shade darker. Buttercup is richer and less lemon-y than some of our current yellows. Bluebonnet will make a great sky or water blue, and Peony is just a fabulous pink for everything. 

Have fun with the three new Kreinik colors. We'd love to hear your feedback on them too! 


Kreinik is coming to see you!

Kreinik is hitting the road for the rest of the year, bringing threads and inspiration to the streets. Check the list below to see if we will be near you, or take a road trip and visit us at the Kreinik Factory Outlet Store. We are open during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. 

  • MARCH 30-April 1 — Orlando Needlepoint Market (closed trade show) March 30-April 1. 
  • MAY 4—Doug Kreinik thread talk at Homestead Needlearts in Grand Blanc, Michigan.
  • MAY 30—Doug Kreinik thread talk at The Needle Bug in Montgomery, Alabama (2 classes).
  • JUNE 21-23 — Summer TNNA trade show (closed to the public) is 21-23.   
  • JULY — June 29-July 7 Kreinik factory, outlet and offices are closed for summer break
  • SEPTEMBER 14-16—Destination Dallas Needlepoint Market (closed trade show) Sept 14-16
  • SEPTEMBER 28—Doug Kreinik thread talk at Labors Of Love shop in Atlanta, GA
  • OCTOBER 3-5—Factory Outlet Store Sale at the Kreinik factory, Parkersburg, WV
  • OCTOBER 16-18— International Fly Tackle Dealer IFTD show in Denver, (closed to public) October 16-18. 
  • DECEMBER — Kreinik factory, outlet and offices closed for holiday Dec 23 -Jan 1
More dates/events to be added. 

Is your shop or fiber group interested in hosting a Doug Kreinik thread seminar? Contact us at for pricing and scheduling info.

Photos from Doug's visit to Needlepoints West


New cross stitch series from Hands On Design is spooky, sparkly and silly fun

She has cross stitch fans all over the world, an entertaining and fun FlossTube channel, and a positive, encouraging, glowing life attitude: Meet Cathy Habermann of Hands On Design. Next month she's introducing a new design series featuring Kreinik threads that is just to die for!

Cathy has been creating cross stitch patterns since the 1990s, but since launching Hands On Designs, she has become one of the most popular designers around the globe. Her unique style is fun, fresh, clean, a mix of modern and traditional (check out the Chalkboard series), and just plain creative. As a long-time stitcher, she knows we all want patterns that are quick to stitch and finish but also creatively satisfying. Her Year Of Celebrations patterns, for instance, offer a sweet stitched sentiment that you can rotate monthly.

The newest series from Hands On Design company is the Scary Apothecary series, featuring Kreinik metallic threads. Classy and elegant, they have a humorous twist. They're spooky, sparkly and silly—just what we all need right now. "Scary Apothecary was inspired by spooky apothecary labels," Cathy says, "but with a Hands On Design twist of a vintage color palette, a touch of Kreinik sparkle, and some wicked Halloween humor." Cathy is introducing the first three designs in this series at the Nashville Needlework Market in March 2019, a wholesale trade show. Ask your favorite needlework store to pick up copies for you: "Bat Balm," "Bitter Brew," and "Broom Stick Fuel."

For more information on Cathy's designs, visit her website. She is also on Facebook and Instagram.

All photos courtesy of Hands On Design


Kreinik is coming to Pittsburgh

Join us at the Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival this March 15, 16, and 17, 2019 in Green Tree, Pennsylvania. Those who love knitting, crochet, weaving, stitching, fiber art and more will have a great time—and find goodies in the shopping mall area.

Kreinik will be doing demos and interactive activities in the Maker Area on March 15 and 16. Come see us!



Spotlight on cross stitch designer Glendon Place

Cheryl Granda of Glendon Place creates the kind of textile art you would find in galleries, museums, and the finest homes—like yours! She's a cross stitch designer with a passion for making art, holiday traditions, and family memories come alive in stitches and threads.

When you stitch one of her designs, you are joining her in making the world a prettier place. They're the kind of cross stitch designs that make you want to spend the extra money on nice framing. You will pass down these creations as family heirlooms. She often uses Kreinik metallic threads for added sparkle and texture, which adds even more visual interest. Take a look at her catalog here.

Embellishment packs containing beads and Kreinik metallic threads are available for some of her designs.
We asked Cheryl if she had any new designs planned for the upcoming Nashville Needlework Market trade show in March 2019, and it was a resounding, "YES!"  She is adding more to her vintage nursery rhyme series: the next one is Humpty Dumpty. If you can't wait to get a copy, ask your favorite needlework store to pick one up for you at the market.

Shown are four designs in Glendon Place's vintage nursery rhyme series.

Explore the designs in Cheryl Granda's design line, Glendon Place. You may find your next favorite project—or the next gift to stitch for someone special.

Look for new designs in Glendon Place's vintage nursery rhyme series. Humpty Dumpty will be out in March 2019.

For more information:

Visit the Glendon Place website for this free design


Crochet leg warmers to light up your wintry days

Photo via Hook Yarn Carabiner,

It's dark, cold, dreary...but look at you: you have these awesome crocheted leg warmers to keep you warm while looking fabulous! Yes, that's the way to handle winter.

The fabulous Ellie at Hook Yarn Carabiner created the pattern for these crocheted leg warmers as something fun, fashionable, and usable to make during wintry days when you stay inside and wear when you go outside. 

Handmade "leg sweaters" are fashionable and cozy-warm, yes, but there's an added 'special touch' with this pattern: Kreinik Reflective Yarn. Ellie calls for it as a carry-along (so lightweight, you can hardly tell it's there) to add a level of safety when you go out at night, walking the dog, biking, jogging, or grabbing dinner. The neutral gray of the Reflective Yarn goes so well with the Lion Brand Scarfie yarn she used, but it blends into just about any color or yarn. Hmm, bonus idea: this pattern could become your go-to gift to make for friends this year.

The Kreinik Reflective Yarn is thin and neutral, so it blends into any yarn. Photo showing it reflecting in a camera flash via Hook Yarn Carabiner. 
Get the pattern from her Etsy shop here.

Get the Kreinik Reflective Yarn here.

Photo via Hook Yarn Carabiner,

Want more?

Ellie's such an interesting person in addition to being a crochet enthusiast. Read more about her here and check out some of her other crochet patterns here. Follow her on Instagram too.


Hope to see you at a creative event in 2019

Happy New Year! We are looking forward to creating more threads and colors and ideas and inspiration to help you bring your creative dreams to life in 2019. Your projects and comments fuel our creativity too, so feel free to share photos and thoughts with us at any time via our social media, email or at a Kreinik event.

Here is our 2019 event calendar—so far!

  • January 12: Doug Kreinik speaking at What's The Point in Dublin, Ohio
  • January 31-February 3: TNNA Portland Market (wholesale trade show)
  • February 5: Doug Kreinik speaking at Needlepoints West in Los Angeles, California
  • March 1-3: Nashville Needlework Market (wholesale trade show) in Tennessee 
  • March 15-16: Maker events at the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival in Pennsylvania
  • March 29-April 1: Spring Needlepoint Market in Orlando, Florida (wholesale trade show)
  • April 26-28: Doug Kreinik speaking at Emily's Stitchery in Northbrook, Illinois
  • June 21-23: TNNA Summer Market (wholesale trade show)
  • June 29-July 7: Kreinik factory, outlet and offices closed for summer break
  • September 14-16: Destination Dallas Needlepoint Market (wholesale trade show) in Texas
  • October 3-5: Kreinik Factory Outlet Store Sale, 1708 Gihon Road, Parkersburg, West Virginia
  • October 16-18: International Fly Tackle Dealer Show (wholesale trade show) in Denver, Colorado
  • December 23-January 1: Kreinik factory, outlet and offices closed for winter break

Want to have your own Kreinik Thread Seminar?

Doug Kreinik is available to speak at needlework stores, retreats, and guild group events. His "thread lecture" teaches all about Kreinik silk, metallic, iron on and real metal threads. He brings a trunk show of inspiring models and designs that will jump-start your creativity. You will learn everything about Kreinik threads direct from the maker! Contact Kreinik for cost and additional information.


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