New French Silk Sets

Have you ever wanted to try stitching with silk thread? Here's your chance: Kreinik French Silk Sets, small starter assortments, at a great price, in beautiful color groups, all ready to use in cross stitch, needlepoint and embroidery.

Many think silk is delicate, expensive, and uncommon. The truth is the exact opposite. Silk is stronger than cotton or wool, it costs the same as popular overdyed cotton threads, and it has been used in needlework for centuries. It has long been a stitcher's main thread when vibrant color and lovely luster can make a design more beautiful. Plus, it feels so good to your fingers; experience the softness just once and you'll be hooked on this fiber.

Kreinik's new French Silk Sets come in color groups: blue, green, red, yellow, pink, and black. They are perfect for hand embroidery, cross stitch, petit point, punchneedle and more. The limited edition sets feature 2.5-meter skeins of a 7-strand silk, perfect for small projects. Separate the strands if needed: use two on 14-count cross stitch fabric, or four on 18-count needlepoint canvas.

For information or to purchase, contact your favorite needlework store or visit


How to make prettier pin loom projects

Pin looms have been around for decades. In fact, Doug Kreinik and his brothers used to weave little squares when they were kids (seems that fiber "art" runs deep in the Kreinik family). They have been making a comeback lately though, thanks to new and improved versions (the Zoom Loom from Schacht Spindle Company, for instance). Pin loom weaving is so popular, publishing powerhouse Interweave Press dedicates a special magazine issue to the technique each year. The 2016 issue is on newsstands now.

This magazine is a great way to start or at least get inspiration. From Interweave Press and Handwoven magazine, look for the special issue "Easy Weaving With Little Looms" on newsstands now. This fun project by Deb Essen featuring Kreinik metallic thread is in the issue, and would make a great gift.

Kreinik threads are perfect for pin loom weaving: you only need one spool to make a square, and the metallic makes any design prettier. You can use the heavier Kreinik threads by themselves, or combine any Kreinik fiber with another yarn to get more visual interest. It's a fun new world worth exploring, especially if you are bored with knitting, crochet, cross stitch or needlepoint but still want to play with fiber and use your hands.  (Photo Credit: Photograph by Joe Coca from Easy Weaving with Little Looms from Handwoven magazine. Copyright © F+W Media 2016. Used with permission.)

For more info on the issue, visit
For more info on using Kreinik threads, or purchasing a Zoom Loom, visit


New Texas Flag Pen

 By request, a new Kreinik Stitch-A-Pen kit is now available: the Texas state flag. This cross stitch kit features Kreinik soft and pretty metallic and silk threads, worked on perforated paper and inserted into a useful pen. Quick and easy to stitch, these make great gifts. Kit includes everything you need to stitch one design. Get your Texas Flag Pen from your favorite needlework store or here.

You may be wondering... "Why Texas?" We have many shops in that grand state, with many stitchers living in or hailing from Texas. Once we created the country flag Stitch-A-Pen line, which you can see here, requests came in for the red-white-and-blue Texas flag. Since the pattern is relatively simple, we easily created a cross stitch version. Finishing it as a pen makes it useful—a fun way to have a little bit of cross stitch in your every day.

"Will there be pen designs for other states?" We are always open to requests. However, some state flags are rather elaborate, or involve seals, figures, and other motifs that may not translate well to a 2-inch by 3-inch stitching area. You can reach us via email at info at kreinik dot com if you have requests or questions about any Kreinik product.


New Flag Pens

Next in the popular Kreinik Stitch-A-Pen kit series: Country Flags. Using Kreinik silk and metallic threads, the stitches are easy and the project takes a mere two hours to completely finish. Kit includes everything, even the pen. 

Now available:
  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Russia
  • Italy

Stitch a flag pen for military members or veterans, foreign language teacher, sport fans, scout troops, school clubs, travelers, or for anyone who loves the culture of one of these countries. The pens use Parker® pen refills, so your project can be used for a long time to come.
For more information, ask for the new flag pens at your favorite needlework store, or visit


New #8 Braid Colors

Designer-requested blends are in the spotlight of the five new metallic thread colors from Kreinik. Now available in Fine #8 Braid size (plus #12 Braid) are two cheerful lime green shades: 5801 Cool Cucumber has a touch of blue, while 5802 Leap Frog is a pearly lime. Then we filled in some of our color families with various hues: color 5803 Seaside blends pretty purple and pearl. Colors 5800 Golden Blackberry and 5804 Calypso (a rich orange) feature a golden shimmer thanks to the addition of gold to the base fiber. Calypso would add a level of elegance to Halloween and autumn designs, while Golden Blackberry covers many design themes.

Use Kreinik #8 Braid in needlepoint on 18 mesh canvas, and as a blending thread on larger canvases. In cross stitch, Fine #8 Braid is about the weight of two strands of embroidery floss, which means it gives perfect coverage on 14-count Aida. It is also good when used over two threads on 28-count linens. Kreinik Braids are proudly made in the USA, in our Parkersburg, West Virginia, factory.

All five new colors are ready to be in your stitching repertoire, to bring your next design to colorful life. You can find Fine #8 Braid in your favorite needlework store or


This thread is for the birds

It's a truth universally acknowledged that Kreinik threads make great bugs. Whether you are fly fishing or stitching, a metallic thread beautifully replicates what is shiny in nature. Stitchers can go beyond bugs, however, in using metallics to add realism to a project: use them for the birds AND the bees.

To inspire your own creations and show how Kreinik threads work to bring bird-themed designs to life, crazy quilt designer Barbara Blankeship shares these beautiful photos of her recent work. In Barbara's words:
"The blue block is the one I made for the wall hanging our Bee donated to the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory: It will be auctioned online beginning April 1.

I really enjoyed doing it, so I did a smaller bird on my peach block…If you look closely you will see all that beautiful Krenik thread.  The motif on the peach block is stitched with the ZTlC 0031 [a Kreinik machine sewing thread]. I absolutely love that thread and have this brown and a bright gold.

I've used the 0031 on the brown bird and the 001C fine silver cord on the peach one.  The branch has 3 various Krenik cords and ribbon.  Of course, many of the seams are Krenik threads as well…They remain my favorite threads by far."

Crazy quilting is such a beautiful form of embroidery, and it always inspires us to experiment more with threads and stitches in other mediums like cross stitch and needlepoint. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos, Barbara!


How to knit an Eddie The Eagle hat

Have you heard about this upcoming movie? Here's the scoop:

1. From the Red Heart yarn site: "Eddie the Eagle is a new movie starring Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton and telling the true story of Michael “Eddie” Edwards (Egerton), a British ski-jumper who succeeds against the odds and with the help of his coach (Jackman) to compete in the 1988 Winter Olympics. Knitting plays a big role in the movie, since Eddie’s mom (played by Jo Hartley) knits and wears a sweater that says “I Am Eddie’s Mom”.

KNITTING IN A MOVIE? YES! This is a great opportunity to promote the needlearts. History has shown that when knitting, needlepoint, and other hand arts are featured in a movie, newcomers want to learn about it...leading to growth in our favorite hobbies.

2. Jimmy Beans Wool, the company who initiated the promotion with the movie's producers, is inviting stitchers to create one hat for themselves, and one for a someone else (a young person . . . ). Inside each hat, you're to include a dream label for each wearer to write their own special dream.

3. Our friends at have created an Eddie the Eagle Hat in a kit - featuring Kreinik's new shoelaces in red for stitching the E in the hat. Making something with meaning + for a good cause + promoting knitting and crochet = win win win and fun fun fun.

All the kit details here (please share and help us spread the word):

Here's why time is of the essence: There's a contest going on (deadline April 1st) for the most original Eddie the Eagle hat design. We're encouraging people to embellish the hats with the Kreinik shoe lace yarn (included in the kit). For details on the contest, visit


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