Kreinik is coming to Pittsburgh

Join us at the Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival this March 15, 16, and 17, 2019 in Green Tree, Pennsylvania. Those who love knitting, crochet, weaving, stitching, fiber art and more will have a great time—and find goodies in the shopping mall area.

Kreinik will be doing demos and interactive activities in the Maker Area on March 15 and 16. Come see us!



Spotlight on cross stitch designer Glendon Place

Cheryl Granda of Glendon Place creates the kind of textile art you would find in galleries, museums, and the finest homes—like yours! She's a cross stitch designer with a passion for making art, holiday traditions, and family memories come alive in stitches and threads.

When you stitch one of her designs, you are joining her in making the world a prettier place. They're the kind of cross stitch designs that make you want to spend the extra money on nice framing. You will pass down these creations as family heirlooms. She often uses Kreinik metallic threads for added sparkle and texture, which adds even more visual interest. Take a look at her catalog here.

Embellishment packs containing beads and Kreinik metallic threads are available for some of her designs.
We asked Cheryl if she had any new designs planned for the upcoming Nashville Needlework Market trade show in March 2019, and it was a resounding, "YES!"  She is adding more to her vintage nursery rhyme series: the next one is Humpty Dumpty. If you can't wait to get a copy, ask your favorite needlework store to pick one up for you at the market.

Shown are four designs in Glendon Place's vintage nursery rhyme series.

Explore the designs in Cheryl Granda's design line, Glendon Place. You may find your next favorite project—or the next gift to stitch for someone special.

Look for new designs in Glendon Place's vintage nursery rhyme series. Humpty Dumpty will be out in March 2019.

For more information:

Visit the Glendon Place website for this free design


Crochet leg warmers to light up your wintry days

Photo via Hook Yarn Carabiner,

It's dark, cold, dreary...but look at you: you have these awesome crocheted leg warmers to keep you warm while looking fabulous! Yes, that's the way to handle winter.

The fabulous Ellie at Hook Yarn Carabiner created the pattern for these crocheted leg warmers as something fun, fashionable, and usable to make during wintry days when you stay inside and wear when you go outside. 

Handmade "leg sweaters" are fashionable and cozy-warm, yes, but there's an added 'special touch' with this pattern: Kreinik Reflective Yarn. Ellie calls for it as a carry-along (so lightweight, you can hardly tell it's there) to add a level of safety when you go out at night, walking the dog, biking, jogging, or grabbing dinner. The neutral gray of the Reflective Yarn goes so well with the Lion Brand Scarfie yarn she used, but it blends into just about any color or yarn. Hmm, bonus idea: this pattern could become your go-to gift to make for friends this year.

The Kreinik Reflective Yarn is thin and neutral, so it blends into any yarn. Photo showing it reflecting in a camera flash via Hook Yarn Carabiner. 
Get the pattern from her Etsy shop here.

Get the Kreinik Reflective Yarn here.

Photo via Hook Yarn Carabiner,

Want more?

Ellie's such an interesting person in addition to being a crochet enthusiast. Read more about her here and check out some of her other crochet patterns here. Follow her on Instagram too.


Hope to see you at a creative event in 2019

Happy New Year! We are looking forward to creating more threads and colors and ideas and inspiration to help you bring your creative dreams to life in 2019. Your projects and comments fuel our creativity too, so feel free to share photos and thoughts with us at any time via our social media, email or at a Kreinik event.

Here is our 2019 event calendar—so far!

  • January 12: Doug Kreinik speaking at What's The Point in Dublin, Ohio
  • January 31-February 3: TNNA Portland Market (wholesale trade show)
  • February 5: Doug Kreinik speaking at Needlepoints West in Los Angeles, California
  • March 1-3: Nashville Needlework Market (wholesale trade show) in Tennessee 
  • March 15-16: Maker events at the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival in Pennsylvania
  • March 29-April 1: Spring Needlepoint Market in Orlando, Florida (wholesale trade show)
  • April 26-28: Doug Kreinik speaking at Emily's Stitchery in Northbrook, Illinois
  • June 21-23: TNNA Summer Market (wholesale trade show)
  • June 29-July 7: Kreinik factory, outlet and offices closed for summer break
  • September 14-16: Destination Dallas Needlepoint Market (wholesale trade show) in Texas
  • October 3-5: Kreinik Factory Outlet Store Sale, 1708 Gihon Road, Parkersburg, West Virginia
  • October 16-18: International Fly Tackle Dealer Show (wholesale trade show) in Denver, Colorado
  • December 23-January 1: Kreinik factory, outlet and offices closed for winter break

Want to have your own Kreinik Thread Seminar?

Doug Kreinik is available to speak at needlework stores, retreats, and guild group events. His "thread lecture" teaches all about Kreinik silk, metallic, iron on and real metal threads. He brings a trunk show of inspiring models and designs that will jump-start your creativity. You will learn everything about Kreinik threads direct from the maker! Contact Kreinik for cost and additional information.


Stitchers, check your needle!

If you have a thread that's fraying or misbehaving, the first step is to check your needle. Needle selection matters more than you realize, and can make a stitching project easier or more difficult. Here are three quick tips for needle selection, especially when using metallic threads:

• Use a needle with an eye large enough to accommodate the thread weight. This will reduce thread fraying and enable smoother stitching.

• Also avoid needles with rust or damage as they can damage a thread.

• Look for the Kreinik Needle™, a special needle created to smoother stitching with metallic threads.

Once you have a good needle, it's time to thread it...

Here are two top tips for threading Kreinik metallics: 

Suggested threading technique for Blending Filament, Japan #1 and Cord (the thinnest metallics): Cut about an 20-inch length of thread and fold about 2 inches from one end to create a loop. Insert the loop through the eye of the needle and pull the loop over the point of the needle to "lock" in place. This will keep the thin thread from slipping off as you stitch. (BELOW)

Suggested threading technique for Braids, Ribbons and other Kreinik metallics: Cut a small strip of paper and fold in half. Place the fold through the eye of the needle and open the two ends to insert the thread in between. Gently pull the paper through so the thread is brought along. (BELOW)


Kreinik 2018 Holiday Schedule

The Kreinik factory, outlet and offices will be closed November 22 and 23, 2018 for the Thanksgiving holiday. No threads will be made or shipped during that time. In addition, we will be closed the week of Christmas—starting December 21—and reopening January 2, 2019, so that our staff can spend the holidays with their loved ones.


Hope you have the happiest of holidays!


Don't believe this rumor

We've been hearing rumors that Kreinik is discontinuing the metallic thread color 5760 Marshmallow. It's not true! Trust us, we're Kreinik.

This gorgeous color isn't going anywhere. In fact, it's being used all over the world right now, as it's perfect in Christmas and winter-themed designs. We are making more at this very moment.

If you don't have it in your stitching stash, get some! It's a brighter white than our standard 032 Pearl, with the most subtle metallic sheen. Plus the material is soft to stitch with and lays beautifully in stitches. It comes in Kreinik Braid and Ribbon sizes.

When you hear rumors about discontinued colors, please contact us first! Email or call 1-800-537-2166.


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