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To our valued stitchers, creators and fly fishing enthusiasts,

2020 has been the most out-of-the-ordinary year of our collective lives. The pandemic created regulations and upheaval on every level: economic, medical, social, personal, national, international. It has been devastating for people and small businesses. Kreinik is still here because of two factors: 1. You; and 2. Our staff. Strengthened by your patience and their dedication, Kreinik is determined to get us all through 2020 and thriving in 2021 in the best possible way.

With that goal, we are enacting an extraordinary—but temporary—measure. For the next eight weeks, we are only making the top 60 to 80 colors in Kreinik #4, #8, and #12 Braid lines.

We know that limiting the colors in production sounds drastic, and some people won’t be able to get some colors temporarily, but we need to catch up. We need to dedicate all production machines to in-demand colors. Shops need to get the most popular colors restocked. Our staff needs some pressure relief. This will do it.

The limit on color production does not apply to silk threads, Blending Filament, Medium #16 Braid, Canvas #24 Braid, 1/8” Ribbon, 1/16” Ribbon, Ombre, Micro Ice Chenille, Facets, or Japan Threads. It applies only to Very Fine #4 Braid, Fine #8 Braid, and Tapestry #12 Braid for the next eight weeks.

What can you do if you are in desperate need of a color that we aren’t producing right now? There are several solutions:
  • Many retailers have stock of these “odd” colors, so search online, or contact us for names of shops that do mail order.
  • Join one of the needlework or fly fishing groups on Facebook, Reddit, or other social media, and ask if someone has the color you need. Many people are willing to trade, give, or sell. There are also retailers in these groups who may see the post.
  • Consider substituting with a similar color in the line. In the next week, we will share on our social media several conversion lists that may help. 
Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. When we are caught up, we will return to making our full color line. While our facility is closed to the public right now, we hope to restore factory tours and reopen the outlet store in 2021. 

Doug Kreinik

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