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By Doug Kreinik

On Thursday night, June 24th, I had the honor and opportunity to speak to the EGA gathering in Charleston,WV. I would love if all travel were so easy. It was a mere 70-mile ride down the interstate where I was greeted by 145 EGA members at their annual meeting- Gathering Pearls.

I enjoy getting out from behind my desk to meet the people who use and love my product. Consumers, designers, teachers and shop owners always make me think harder to create new products and concepts plus it is a great forum for me to show off ideas..

I guess the biggest question was, what is new? Holographics are definitely the new thing for us. I showed off holographic temari balls, pillows, purses and more. Along with this were the very popular Tree Jewels in the three styles and three color ways. These were a real hit at the convention store set up by “Cross My Heart” of Columbus, Ohio. We were all very surprised by the amount of holographic blending filament that sold. I have seen more needlepointers using the blending filament buried in with their stitches. That, to me, is a very imaginative approach to working with the blending filament giving a more textured and 3-D effect to one’s work.

I stayed around during the morning hours on Friday to answer any questions about product plus to sign a few books, “Metallic Embroidery”. Stitchers were also asking me to autograph Monica Ferris’s book Crewel Yule. If you remember, I was the first murder suspect in the book. My kids have never forgotten that. Of course, I didn’t do it.

Maybe I will see some of you on the road in the future. I enjoy entertaining and giving my talks. I believe that humor and fun grows ideas. I guess that is why my daughter went into show business - only it was the real one not the trade show business.

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