Easter Grass

Valentine's Day is in the rear-view mirror and Easter is coming up...a little later this year on April 24, 2011. One of our newest products is called Easter Grass. Just imagine a basket of Easter grass in one continuous strand and then wound on a spool. That's Kreinik's Easter Grass. Just think how much fun it will add to Easter-themed designs.

The thread is 1/8" wide and has an iridescent, mother-of-pearl look that shows a spectrum of colors depending on your viewing angle. This makes it versatile for many applications, besides Easter themes. Imagine laying a strand of Easter Grass on the surface of your fabric or canvas, then making decorative couching stitches such as Herringbone or Ladder Stitch on top with a gold, silver, or other color of Kreinik Metallic Cord - the look will be stunning.

Kreinik Easter Grass can be playful and fun, realistic in mimicking natural elements, or subtle and classy, all depending on your design and how you use it in your needlework and crafts. It can be used in needlework, crochet/knitting (as a carry-along thread), machine embroidery (couch it), jewelry, paper crafts, and more.

What can you do with Easter Grass? Use the iridescence to your advantage in Longstitch, background, and specialty stitches. For instance, use it to mimic...

  • Easter Grass for an Easter project (sorry, that was too easy)
  • Sea Shells
  • Butterfly Wings
  • Windows
  • Bubbles
  • Hummingbirds
  • Insect Wings
  • Shimmering water
  • Iridescent clouds
  • Jewelry
Got any other ideas to share? Post your ideas and comments here, and look for Kreinik's new Easter Grass in needlework stores near you.

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