What's in a name? The story behind Two's Company

If you have driven through South Carolina, you know the charm of just about every city. Well, in a charming 1927 red brick building, in the charming historic district of Rock Hill (just off 1-77), you will find a delightful world of colorful threads, creative designs, and — yes — charming people ready to help you with your needlepoint projects. Two's Company Needlepoint has been in business somewhere for 30+ years, so they know a thing or two about needlework. But what do we know about their name? Who, or what, are the TWO in Two's Company? Read on…

SHOP NAME: Two's Company Needlepoint
OWNER: Jane Hardy Hudson
LOCATION: 351 East Main Street, Rock Hill, SC 29730
PHONE: (803)327-2967
WEB SITE: www.twoscompanyneedlepoint.com

Q: How long have you owned the shop?
A: I have been in business since 1976. I opened and operated in Lexington, Ky from 1976 to 2001. I moved the shop to South Carolina in 2004. I had to move here for family reasons.

Q: How did the store get its unique name? What does the "Two" represent?
A: I named the store Two's Company because the number two had many associations for me. I have a twin, I had 2 brothers, I had 2 daughters, and at the time I had 2 cats and 2 dogs.

Q: What is your shop specialty?
A: Our specialty is and always has been custom canvases. I had my wholesale line for almost as long as the shop - JHL and Company - now being distributed through Julia's Needleworks. We are strictly a needlepoint shop.

Q: Tell us about your staff. Who would we meet at the store?
A: The most loyal employee is Doodles - the 16-year-old cat. She takes her job as greeter very very seriously. She is worn out by closing time. Four others work here part-time: Linda (she taught chemistry for years at Tulane), Karen (native from here - a very rare species), Randi (new to the area from Texas), and my step-granddaughter Tasha.

Q: Which Kreinik threads do you carry?
A: We carry all sizes of Kreinik Braid, blending filament, Japan thread, 1/16th and1/18th ribbon. The displays take up 2 walls.

Q: Do you sell online, or by mail order too?
A: People buy through our store, by phone for mail-order and on-line.

Q: Do you have classes?
A: We not only teach here, we have every year an ongoing mail-order class - all my own original designs. Last year we did nutcrackers - this year is a Nativity set. Every month, my customers get a package containing the canvas for that month, all the threads needed, and a stitch guide with a picture.

Q: Has anyone famous ever visited your store?
A: I have had several famous people that I meet after hours. They prefer to keep it our secret - I will comply.

Q: Here at Kreinik, we love good food. Are there good restaurants near the shop?
A: There are 5 restaurants on East Main within 3 blocks. They range from Thai food to New Orleans cuisine, a Greek restaurant, an Irish pub, and Kinch's (down-home country food).

Q: What is the best part about being involved in the needlework market?
A: My favorite part of being in this business - what keeps me in this business after so many years - MY CUSTOMERS. I love them.

Check out the Two's Company web site for more information on this fabulous shop. Click on "About" and you will see that they can design a custom needlepoint canvas for you. Another notice on that page caught our eye: "We will be happy to ship to you any order of fibres - no matter how small the order. If you have a canvas and need fiber and stitch suggestions, send it to us and we will kit and return it to you." That's great service! Check out at www.twoscompanyneedlepoint.com.

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