Which scissors should you use with metallic threads?

 Word on the street is that metallic threads can dull your scissors, so you should always keep a separate pair of "metallic only" scissors, labeled as such. Is this true? As a metallic thread maker, we can officially say "Yes."

Metallic threads are denser than other types of thread and will dull a plain blade faster. We recommend using a serrated-edge scissor for your metallics. This means that the edge has high points and tiny ridges - like teeth - to "grab" your material as it is cut. It will help you control the cut, give you a strong cut, and make you happier in general. Anything that makes life easier makes us happy, right?

Think of it this way…Whether in the kitchen or in the woods, you want to use a plain blade for some things and a serrated blade for others. A serrated-edge blade, for instance, is often used to cut dense materials like rope, canvas, vines, leather, or other thick, fibrous material. In the kitchen, use a serrated knife to cut tomatoes, celery, bread, or other fibrous foods. Choosing the right tool for the job makes the job easier and the result better.

In your sewing or needlework basket, you may not need to write "only for metallics" on the blade, but it is a good idea to mark the serrated scissor in some way to differentiate it from smooth-edged scissors. You can usually feel the serrations, but if you need a quick, at-a-glance marker, engrave a "S" or put a small red dot on your serrated pair. Here at Kreinik, we use a S in our item codes to indicate a serrated edge.

What about sharpening a serrated-edge scissor? Well, the good news is that serrations tend to stay sharp longer and may not require sharpening as frequently as a plain edge. Since the serrated scissor is not smooth, the serrated portion of the blade will stay sharper for a longer time because the entire blade is not coming in contact with the surface to be cut. So if you use your serrated-edge scissor for cutting metallic threads, you should be fine for many years.

Kreinik carries scissors of all shapes and sizes in straight-edge and serrated blades. You can get small embroidery scissors or large dressmakers' shears with serrated edges. So as you buy scissors, consider what you want out of a scissor, how you will be using it, and what you will be cutting.

Check out the scissor pages here for more information and scissor photos: http://www.kreinik.com/shops/Premax-R-Scissors/

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