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Thread you may already have at home can make plain gloves technology ready

After 40 years of making threads, we are still learning. Just a few weeks ago, we were so excited about a new specialty item we could bring to you, Conductive Fingertip Yarn. We posted a project online, wrote a blog, shared it on Facebook and Twitter, and started using it ourselves, excitedly making our own gloves conductive. Then a smart stitcher showed us that our normal line of Kreinik Metallic Threads can actually be conductive. No need for a specialty thread - just look in your stash! No need for a drab gray fiber - pick coordinating colors! 

We started testing, and it's true. You can make gloves conductive by adding a "pad" of stitches on the fingertips using Kreinik Metallic Threads. So far in our testing, there are some colors that don't work. However, a bunch of them DO work. Now we are addicted to making gloves conductive using MATCHING thread. With 300+ colors of Kreinik Braids, there is a color to match or complement every glove design. You can be technology ready and fashionable.

Kreinik thread colors that work:

In our testing, the holographic colors worked really well (these carry an "L" after the color number). The pearls and gourmet colors didn't work. We suggest you do some testing with your desired color first, before stitching your project. We like the Fine #8 Braid or Tapestry #12 Braid size for stitching on gloves. 

If you are crocheting/knitting gloves, we suggest overstitching the finger area to create a pad of solid surface. That connects well with the smartphone/tablet surface. If you want to use the metallic as a carry-along, work a double strand into the fingertip area, and make sure the thread appears in as much of a dense, solid surface as possible.

Here's how we made this pair of $1 gloves conductive using Kreinik Metallic Threads:
1. Insert a "darner" or object like a Sharpie pen into the finger to create a sturdy filler.
2. Using Fine #8 Braid and a #24 Tapestry needle, or Tapestry #12 Braid and a #22 Tapestry needle, knot one end of the thread. Put your needle at a starting point, and pull the knot through to the inside (you may need to wiggle the glove fibers a little bit to get the knot to the inside). Begin stitching a pad of straight stitches on the fingertip area. Use satin stitch or straight stitch. 
3. When stitching is finished, stitch a little knot and pull the thread to the inside of the glove. Trim off.

We want to emphasize the fun part here: we have so many colors in our Braids, you can match the conductive fiber to your gloves, or coordinate with your favorite knitting and crochet yarns. We are so excited about this new use of Kreinik metallics. We've just fallen in love with our threads all over again. 

P.S. We are also excited about our new Reflective Yarn, which reflects light from camera flashes and headlights The 25 Days of Free Christmas Projects calendar features a knitted hat and wresters project using the yarn. Click here to check it out.

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