Kreinik Color Cards

Kreinik Metallic Color Card
Actual threads wrapped on cards…swatches of every Kreinik color...have the whole thread selection at your fingertips…what a good idea! These fabulous tools are called color cards, and they are available from Kreinik for the silk, metallic, machine sewing, and iron-on thread lines. 

Whether you are a professional pattern designer, a store owner, a kit maker, a fiber artist, or a do-it-yourselfer designing custom projects, a color card puts a manufacturer's thread inventory in your hands. It is a design tool, an organizing tool, a reference tool.

There has been some online talk recently about color cards from thread manufacturers, and whether they consist of just photographs of colors or actual threads. We want to spread the word that the Kreinik color cards have actual threads on them. So if you are doing color matching or planning projects, you can see exactly what a color looks like — in your home, shop or studio, in various light sources, next to certain fabrics, etc. 

Kreinik Silk Color Card
For convenience, we offer digital photos of all Kreinik colors on our web site at You can also download a PDF of a 'pocket' color chart for each thread line (silk, metallic, machine sewing, iron-on), featuring photos of all Kreinik colors here: Kreinik Color Charts. Until we can all afford 3-D printers, we can't have actual threads coming out of your computer screens, so in a pinch the photos give you a pretty good idea of a color.

It is ultimately the most helpful to flip and search, match and coordinate based on real colors rather than photo swatches, however. So the Kreinik Metallic Color Card has thread samples of 350+ Kreinik thread colors wrapped around panels. The Kreinik Silk Color Card has swatches of 200+ colors. When new colors are added, updated panels are created. For any creative person, these cards are an easy and economical way to have a thread palette on hand at all times. 

For more information or to purchase the Kreinik silk and metallic color cards:

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