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Kreinik is launching a redesigned web site this week, featuring major improvements and a fresh look. You will find better organization, simple design, faster search engine, easier ordering, and content updated daily. 

Five awesome features of the new Kreinik website:
  1. A fresh, updated look with a simple design. We're stylin' with a crisp, clean format that is readable and usable on your tablet, cell phone, laptop, or desktop.
  2. Drastically improved search engine. We could go on about how the new site has one database rather than multiples, but the bottom line is that the keyword search just got way better.
  3. Metallic Color Finder. The "Find a color" button on the top right side of the page lets you search the entire line of Kreinik Metallic Threads by color number, color name, thread size, and even color family. Try this cool tool here (put in 202HL for example, and see what comes up):
  4. We still have the things you love. The free projects, educational information, how-to videos, stitch illustrations, store locator, and downloadable thread color charts are still available on the new site.
  5. Uncomplicated ordering. We want you to support local independent retailers if possible, but when you need to order online, the new shopping cart is streamlined. A group of mom-and-pop, dedicated independent retailers fulfill orders made through the Kreinik site, so you will be getting the Kreinik you need from people who know about the products. The new site also features the latest in payment security technology, so the transactions are secure.

Check out the new Kreinik website here: You may need to reload your page if you have the old site bookmarked, or clear your web browser history if you have any problems viewing it on your phone, tablet or laptop. Just hit "refresh" and get ready to be re-inspired and rejuvenated by a creative new thread world. 

Just like any project, the new Kreinik website is a work in progress. We are still adding items and content. There are so many numbers, lines of code, images, words, spaces, and punctuation in our website that we've missed a few edits, no doubt. So if you notice any broken links, typos, missing images, etc — or have any questions — send us an email: We appreciate your feedback on the new site or on any Kreinik products.

Visit and enjoy!

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