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Kreinik makes anywhere from 2 to 250 colors each in 28 different metallic thread types. That comes out to be…let's calculate…(250 x 6) + 81 + (103 x 2) + 39 + 88 +…well, that's lots of colors. That is a lot for a shop to have to stock, and no wonder we keep adding more shelves and re-arranging at the manufacturing plant. It is time to clean up that color list so that the selection stays fresh with new colors (like the six we introduced to retailers last month, coming soon to stores near you!) plus improve production by not making low-demand colors. 

So in the Kreinik metallic thread range, a short list of low-demand shades will be designated "special order" colors as of Spring 2014. Technically, that means a minimum order to schedule production will be 250 meters (or 25 of our 10m spools). Simply stated, we won't keep them stocked on the shelf or make new until we get an order of at least 25 spools.  

Don't panic! These aren't discontinued colors. We have many of these made and ready to be spooled, ordered and shipped. If you have a design using any on the list, simply check with us to see if stock remains, to see if there is a substitute, or to schedule production (minimum quantity 250 meters). 

"This is very hard," said Doug Kreinik. "Many of these colors are my "babies" and were created in the early years of the company." It is difficult to balance: designers and stitchers want many colors, while shops and distributors can't carry an infinite amount. We decided it was time to update store planograms by removing colors that haven't really sold in years (we're looking at you, 034 Confetti) and focus on better, most-requested shades.

A few colors were discontinued several years ago, as we can no longer get the raw material to make them, and they are on this list as well: 4002, 4003, 4004, 4006, 056F, 057F. When these spools are gone, we cannot make more. The remaining colors on the list can be made with a minimum order of 250 meters, or 25 (10-meter) spools. If they are some of your personal favorites or are in a current project, we recommend purchasing them now so you won't be delayed later.

In Kreinik #4, #8, #12, #16, #24, #32 BRAIDS plus 1/16" and 1/8" RIBBONS, these are the Special-Order colors:

034 Confetti
041 Confetti Pink
042 Confetti Fuchsia
043 Confetti Green
070 Mardi Gras
195 Sunburst
235 Red Ember
271 Plum
308 Colonial Red
393 Silver Night
664 Magenta Blue
3240 Opal
3508 Rhumba Green
3509 Cha Cha Verde
3540 Bolero Black
4002 Spiced Chai
4003 Ginseng Gold
4004 Earl Grey
4006 Rosehip
5002 Pixiedust
5004 Love Potion
5007 Brocade
5008 Leprechaun
5525 Lemon
5530 Rosemary Green
9300 Orchid
2094HL Heather Hi Lustre
056F Blueberry
057F Grape
003C Red Corded
005C Black Corded
007C Pink Corded
008C Green Corded
011C Nickel Corded
012C Purple Corded
032C Pearl Corded
034C Confetti Corded
041C Confetti Pink Corded
051C Sapphire Corded
104C Colonial Gold Corded
208C Wine Corded
225C Slate Corded
088C Lily Pond Corded

Contact us if you have any questions. See swatches of Kreinik thread colors in the Threads section on and via the helpful Find-A-Color tool We are always interested in your requests for new colors or new threads, so please share your wants, wishes and suggestions.

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