How to do beads without the mess

Recently a stitcher asked, "What are Kreinik Facets™ and how do you use them?" We actually get this question a lot when someone sees the thread in person; they can't quite tell what is wrapped around the black Kreinik spool, because it looks like beads, but it's not…

The answer: Kreinik Facets™ are bead-like threads that you couch on the surface of your design. These metallic threads have a "faceted" surface that looks kind of like a cut gem—imagine the flat surfaces on each side of a cut gem. Facets™ appear to be beads strung together, but they don't roll all over the place. Pretty great, huh? They give you the look of beads without the mess. You can use Facets™ in cross stitch, needlepoint, crazy quilting, art quilting, cording, home decor, and surface embroidery.

5 Facts about Facets:

1. You couch this thread, as in: lay it on the surface and secure it in place using tacking stitches. This can be done by hand or by machine. 
2. You can couch it with a variety of fibers depending on the look you want:
• a matching color of Kreinik Cord or Blending Filament
• a clear thread
• a contrasting thread (metallic, silk, cotton, rayon)
3. It comes in two sizes: regular Facets™ and Petite Facets™ (which are half the size). The smaller version makes clever "jewelry" on dollhouse miniatures or needlepoint figures.
4. It comes in a wired version, so it will keep its shape and form while you couch it onto your project.
5. It is hand and machine washable.

Want to know more?
1. See the Facets color line here:
2. Here is an article that talks about couching, and shows the Facets™:
3. You can also make cording with it, as shown here:
4. Here is a link to more information:
5. There are also many pictures in our photostream on Flickr:

Experiment with Kreinik Facets™ in your next project. It is a fun thread!

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