Marking pens for needlepoint canvases

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Recently a stitcher who wanted to create her own needlepoint designs asked us: "Is there a pen that can be used on needlepoint canvas that won't bleed?" We posted it on Facebook, and it became one of the most viral topics we've seen in awhile. In case you want to create your own designs, we are posting some of the answers below.

Stitcher-suggested pens for drawing on needlepoint canvases:

  • "I use Pigma or Micron for fine lines and Sharpies, usually in pale colors, for thicker ones." - Marjorie H.
  • " How about griffon…I hate spell check make that frixion pen made by pilot. They are heat sensitive so even if the bleed with a little heat, the ink will disappear." - Mary L.
  • "Zig Markers - been using them for years - Fleur de Paris was the distributor--usually can find them in a good art supply store." - Carolyn T.
  • "People before commented that Micron was the best…" - Ann L.
  • "I asked this question a couple of months ago and the responses were Identpen, Zig fabric and a couple of others. Of course I have not been able to find any locally. Others also said not sharpie on canvas. It was a huge discussion with many posts to blogs etc. Use the search feature of facebook to find lots of info from that post." - Lisa P.
  • "Def Sharpie" - Zarina A.
  • "Sharpie fine point." - Judy C.
  • "I use an IdentiPen extra fine, just for outlining lightly. Micron is fine too." - Carol G. (Note: Carol is one of the designers of needlepoint canvas company Associated Talents)
  • "Sharpie makes a fine-point pen." - Karen C.
  • "A fine Micron pen." - Louise H
Thanks for the suggestions, Facebook friends! Janet Perry also talked about marking pens several times on her blog. Check out the articles here


Stitchers and DIYers are all about personalization these days, stitching specific words, phrases, even texts and Tweets that are meaningful. These finished projects make great gifts since they are so people-specific. The next time you want to create your own needlepoint design on canvas, use these suggestions to outline, then fill in with stitches of colorful Kreinik threads.

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