Halloween Gift Bag

Designed by Jan Monahan using Kreinik Iron-on Threads

Materials needed:
  • Kreinik Iron-on Ribbon in black
  • White gift bag, medium size
  • one sheet Orange Mulberry paper or orange tissue paper
  • one white Creative gift tag
  • a rubber stamp that says “Boo” or Halloween stamp of your choice
  • Craft Glue Dots®
  • Black pigment ink
  • Friendly Plastic™ modeling material in black and orange
  • Black and orange Wraphia™
Other materials needed:
  • Frying pan
  • Press cloth from Kreinik
  • Scissors
  • Household Iron
  1. Click here to download the template for the spider.
  2. With scissors, cut orange mulberry paper to fit the front of gift bag. Randomly stamp “Boo” (or Halloween stamp of your choice) with black ink.
  3. On the wrong side of the mulberry paper, place 16 glue dots on the outside edges and affix to the front of the bag.
  4. Heat iron to highest setting (“High” or “Cotton/Linen” setting). Cover the Kreinik Using a press cloth over the thread, iron the black ribbon onto the bag front to make a web, following the picture as a guide. Work one section at a time, pressing for about 20 to 30 seconds to adhere the thread.
  5. Following the pattern, cut Friendly Plastic. Place the large heat sheet in a cold frying pan. Arrange Friendly Plastic into the spider shape including the orange hourglass shape. Heat frying pan to about 200 degrees and allow plastic to melt together. Turn off the frying pan and allow plastic to cool.
  6. Peel spider off of heat sheet and attach to bag where web threads meet with glue dots.
  7. Finish off by tying black and orange Wraphia™ to one of the handles of the gift bag and attaching a gift tag.
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