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On the Kreinik Facebook page every Thursday, we post throwback pictures, including one photo taken on the set of a needlework TV show taping back in the 1990s. Looking at that picture of me and my Dad sitting on Shay Pendray's PBS set brought back some very funny memories. This was the first time either of us had been on a TV show. This particular episode focused on men who stitch. I brought my stitchery, my Dad brought his and we also brought a few of my older brother Ted's pieces. You can see his large oriental carpet placed behind us.

Shay asked my Dad a question, "Jerry, it must be great have your sons in business with you?" His answer was, "Well, you know Shay, because of the government's tax structure, it has made passing business down to the next generation more difficult." My jaw dropped.

After filming, I asked Shay if we could re-film. She said that her crew would redo the whole segment. I explained to my Dad that there is a difference between an infomercial and the news. Shay, I stated, was the news. My Dad was a real news hound, but he totally understood.

We reshot the show. Shay asked a new question after looking at golf club covers that had been a signature product produced by my parents when they started the company back in the 1970s. "Jerry," she said, "I bet you created these golf club covers because of your great love of golf?" My Dad said,"No, Shay, I hate golf!" They left that in.

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