Happy New Re Year

That's no typo in our headline…it is the Year of the Re, as in re-imagine, re-ignite, re-fresh, re-group, re-invent. January is always a good time to reorganize and rededicate yourself to what matters to you. Whether that means learning new needlework techniques, finishing projects, organizing your stash, teaching youngsters, or personal goals like getting fit or stopping smoking, every day gives you a chance to improve something, start anew, and be thankful. 

Here at Kreinik, our 2016 Quest is to journey with shops, designers, publications, makers, and stitchers to rejuvenate a love of color, texture and dimension in everything. We want to help you embellish the world, brighten your corner of it, share the love of all things creative, and have fun. We are thankful for you, our friends and customers, and can't wait to make life better for you in any way that we can.

Where do we begin? With three things:

1. A new Kreinik Metallic Color Card
Colors in the Kreinik metallic thread line aren't static; they move with the flow of trends, moods, and seasons. Since colors have been added, discontinued, dye lots changed, we created an updated Kreinik Metallic Color Card, available now through your favorite needlework store or www.kreinik.com. This tool (which contains actual thread swatches) will keep you organized and make it easier to pick colors for your next project. Plus, if you're reading a chart and don't recognize a number, the color card will show you the color.

2. New thread colors
Ok, we can't reveal too much about these fun new shades available in your favorite Kreinik Braids, because they are debuting at the TNNA trade show this week in California (businesses: come to the Kreinik booth! Visit www.tnna.org for show details). Trade show attendees get to see them first. We'll post pictures after the show on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Flickr pages. You're going to love the cheerful colors that fill in some shading areas and can be used in many design themes.

3. Designer shoelaces for a cause
It may seem strange that Kreinik is coming out with a line of shoelaces, but they are simply a creative, colorful use of your favorite fibers—devoted to a worthwhile cause. The Kreinik family lost their son Charles to suicide last year. These C.A.K.S. shoelaces honor Charles and others in similar situations. A portion of the proceeds go toward suicide prevention, addiction counseling and grief support programs. They are fun, colorful, and cheerful, designed for every day wear or sports/cheerleading groups. Available in two lengths, with metal tips, the first color group glows in the dark. A special custom-lace program has been developed for groups to do fundraising with the laces. Contact us at info@kreinik.com for details.

Let's make 2016 a fabulous, fun year. Re-fresh, re-ignite, re-invent, and re-create everything that is good, colorful and creative to brighten lives everywhere.

For more information:
1. COLOR CARD: https://www.kreinik.com/shops/Kreinik-Metallic-Thread-Color-Card.html
2. THREAD COLORS: stay tuned!
3. SHOELACES: http://www.kreinik.com/shops/CAKS/

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