60 ways to use the new Kreinik pearls

Three new gorgeous metallic thread colors debuted this fall: 1232HL Lavender Pearl, 2132HL Copper Pearl, and 5013 Plum Berry, available in Kreinik Braid sizes. Did you pick up your set? If not, get thee to your nearest needlework store and add them to your stash! No store? You can pick up a pack here: http://www.kreinik.com/shops/2016-New-Colors.html

2132HL Copper Pearl
1232HL Lavender Pearl

We added these shades to fill in some color families within the Kreinik metallic thread line. People are always asking for a color with more of a shade in it, such as the famous pearl color; "I need pearl, but with more copper…" or "Can we get a pearl to go with the green-tinted pearl?" The two new shades seem to be fitting in nicely, based on the fabulous responses we got when we asked Kreinik fans, "Where would you use them?"

Here are 60 ideas from stitchers for using the new Kreinik pearl colors in needlework designs (idea credits are listed after each one):

  1. Santa's beard and the white trim on his coat (Nancy W.)
  2. Water…reflections (margdierembroidery)
  3. Ice cream (needlepointforfun)
  4. Cement and cinder blocks (jacquelynroyal)
  5. Magic light! (tatianakostenko)
  6. Christmas snow (Wendy S.)
  7. Snow-covered trees for added sparkle (Erica K.)
  8. To give the moon a sheen (Erica K.)
  9. Halo, wings, trim on an angel (Helen O.)
  10. Stitch a cake and use it for the icing (Helen O.)
  11. Snowflakes, angel wings, stars, a moon, Santa ornaments, water in a glass (Pat M.)
  12. White background of a kimono design (Nancy F.)
  13. Rain, snow or clouds (April W.)
  14. On Peter Ashe"s Timberline lodge needlepoint ornament on Mt Hood - to get the purple mountain majesty (Ursula H.)
  15. Dragon's wing, angel's wing, fairy wings (Emma S., Karen J.)
  16. Highlight the light hitting clouds in the sky (Mikel O.)
  17. Snow, rain, fire, stars, gems, lace and angel wings (Annie W.)
  18. As a delicate crocheted edge on a knitted or crocheted scarf (Barbara V.)
  19. Make the wings of macaws look sun-kissed (Debbie H.)
  20. Christmas ornaments and Easter projects (Connie G. and April S.)
  21. Christmas stockings (Marla C. and Cyndi F.)
  22. Any dragonfly design (Squiffy L. and Yvonne H.)
  23. The lavender pearl to add sparkle in Santa's eyes and the copper added to the strands of brown for the reindeer (Pam M.)
  24. Great sheep colors (Kd B.)
  25. As the crests/foaming of waves (Marla K.)
  26. Santa's beard, snow (Sheila I.)
  27. Snow (Carol E., Angela G., Lucille H. and Anne H.)
  28. Snowman scene and snowman ornaments (Donna S.,Tina H. and Anne E.)
  29. As accents or stars in a night sky or setting sun, or as the reflection of the sun in a body of water (Christine P.)
  30. Snow, angel wings, trim on hats and scarves (Karen O.)
  31. As an over wrap on a beautiful yarn (Sara H.)
  32. Christmas ornaments (Katie E. and Terry P. and Beth M.)
  33. Accent harvest moons (Susan S.)
  34. Temari designs (Ginny T.)
  35. On a Christmas canvas that needs to be started (Margaret R.)
  36. Snow, clouds, stars, trim on Santa and Mrs. Claus' clothing (Pat W.)
  37. On Mirabilia's Snow Queen (Madge G.)
  38. Easter egg designs (Deby B.)
  39. For a moon (Paula C.)
  40. Accents on fairy wings (Jess M., Monica D., Elizabeth B. and Teresa B.)
  41. Bee wings (Bev F.)
  42. Snow scenes, fur, beards on Santa (Pam J.)
  43. Lavender pearl should definitely be blended with silk for appropriate flowers (Betty D.)
  44. Snow, icing on cupcakes, bride's dresses, christening gowns (stitched ones as well as real ones) (Jackie M.)
  45. Any project done on black canvas (Susan C. and Heather G.)
  46. Accentuate dark colours, for angel ornaments (Eileen L.)
  47. Add sparkle to white horses (Corine V.)
  48. Joined with a lovely fine yarn and crocheted (Kristi R.)
  49. In bobbin lace bookmarks to add lovely sparkle (Michelle L.)
  50. The Victoria Sampler design Wedding Sampler (Wendy W.)
  51. Copper Pearl to accent on Judaic canvases (Donna B.)
  52. Santa's beard awaits (Christine W.)
  53. On hand embroidered purses (Diana P. and Lida R.)
  54. On any Laura J. Perrin canvaswork design (Wendy W.)
  55. For the four horsemen on the HAED design (Tanya W.)
  56. Tatting a beautiful necklace with mother of pearl (Catherine P.)
  57. Shadows on Snow (Carole J.)
  58. Copper pearl on fall designs (Wendy W.)
  59. For shading of snow, glitter on trees, ornaments, flowers, anywhere I want (Sallie M.)
  60. Anywhere and everywhere (Denise H.)

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