Open your creative minds for a new needlework challenge

What would you stitch if you were given freedom to stitch something absurd, comedic, and over the top. No mores or stitching norms to hold you back, just free expression? Could you? It would be a great exercise in creativity and expression, though, right? And we'd love to see what you would create. Here's your chance...

Kreinik is excited to be a co-sponsor of the latest creative challenge from the San Francisco School of Needlework & Design (SNAD). These exciting design challenges are open to everyone from all over the world. The school sends the materials and stitchers create designs based on a theme. These aren't contests, just exercises to expand your creativity and encourage you to try new things. Read on for details about the newest challenge from SNAD.

Announcing the next SNAD stitching challenge: BURLESQUE!

reprinted from SNAD newsletter

Burlesque, noun: An absurd or comically exaggerated imitation of something, especially in a literary or dramatic work; a parody

Kreinik, maker of sparkly, metallic threads, inspired this theme and they have graciously donated threads for all of you to use on your Challenge pieces. This stitch-at-home challenge is intended to pull out the whimsical, the subversive, and the exaggerated parts of ourselves and our world. Throughout time, people have been responding to experiences that bump up against their sensibilities, that provoke a feeling of ridiculousness, frustration, or celebration. How do we reframe, exaggerate, or explode these feelings? Where do we find outrageous joy? Just like these Kreinik threads, we create contrast and we react boldly.

Contemporary and historical precedents are varied, fascinating, and provocative. We hope you'll look through this inspiration page here for ideas and entertain us. Let's have a ball!

For full rules, deadlines, and entry form, see the SNAD document here.

Side note: this challenge is created, maintained, and carried out through the San Francisco School of Needlework & Design, not Kreinik. All questions and submissions should go through the school. They can be reached via

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