Road trip time! Visit Homestead Needle Arts in Michigan

Put this stop on your needlework shop travel list: Homestead Needle Arts, 8185 Holly Road, Suite 4, Grand Blanc, Michigan,
Put this shop on your summer travel list: Homestead Needle Arts in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Doug recently gave his famous thread talk here and reported, "It's a fabulous shop." Get to know owner Theresa Swiecicki and learn about the shop in our interview below.

Doug Kreinik, the very tall Theresa Swiecicki (owner of Homestead Needle Arts) and Kreinik Creative Director Dena Lenham
Q: How long have you had the shop?
A: I have owned Homestead Needle Arts for over 15 years.  The shop has been in business for over 45 years in Grand Blanc, Michigan.  I live more than 30 miles from the shop but kept it here as it's always been in Grand Blanc.  

I've always been interested in fiber arts and can remember lacing cardboard back when I was young and thinking it was the most fun thing ever!  In my early teens I learned quite a lot from books.  In my 20's I took an occasional class at two different shops near my home.  One of the earliest needlepoint pieces I stitched was the chart Ashes of Roses by Fancy Work and Fantasies and it won the Blue Ribbon at the Michigan State Fair.  I was addicted!  

In late 2003 I found out that the owner of Homestead Needle Arts was closing the store and I inquired about purchasing it as I was unemployed at the time.  So I bought my own job!  

Homestead is one of the shops that fulfills orders placed on the Kreinik website, Theresa is terrific about getting Kreinik to you, whether it's for fly fishing, needlework, crafting, quilting, etc.
Q: Which Kreinik threads do you carry?
A: I carry Kreinik braids in Sizes 8, 12 and 16 and some of the more popular colors in 1/16" ribbon.  One of my favorite things to tell a customer is "I can order that for you" because I know how frustrating it can be to want a particular thread and be unable to obtain it.  

Stitchers had a fun and inspiring time when Doug Kreinik visited the shop for his famous Thread Talk
Q: Do you have classes at the shop?
A: I teach a two hour class twice a week at the shop and am currently teaching an all day class one Saturday a month.  The two hour classes encourage the student to bring in any needlepoint piece and learn at their own pace and at the Saturday class we're all working on the same painted canvas.

I also host teachers and my favorite one by far is Kathy Fenchel.  She teaches here monthly and her students have become very proficient.  It's difficult to get a seat in her class due to her popularity!  I have hosted other national teachers here at the shop over the years.  

Other fun events I've held include learning to paint your own canvas, simple ornament finishing, experiencing different silk threads, Getaway Weekends, and of course, the  Homestead Needle Arts Customer Garage Sale where customers sell their no-longer-loved needlepoint supplies; we've had this event for over 30 years.  I also host a monthly stitch-in where a group of us will spend the entire day stitching and socializing.  That's a popular event!  

We'll be right over for our free kisses, sweet Skye!
Q: We have heard you often have a very special visitor to the shop...
A: On occasion, my golden retriever Skye will come to work with me but as she is still very young and she demands a lot of attention from people.  My last dog Star was so well behaved that she came every day and even had her favorite customers!  

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