What would you do with a holographic thread?

The colors are cool, the possibilities are endless. So let's get down to specific suggestions for where to use Kreinik holographic metallic thread colors. The threads come in 16 colors in Kreinik Blending Filament, Very Fine #4 Braid, Fine #8 Braid, Tapestry #12 Braid, Medium #16 Braid, 1/16" Ribbon and 1/8" Ribbon — which means you can use these colors in any way, from needlepoint and cross stitch to crochet, knitting, fly fishing, paper crafts, quilting... Check out the holographic color range here: www.kreinik.com/holographic.htm.

Here are some suggestions from a few of our Facebook friends for using Kreinik holographic threads (www.facebook.com/Kreinik.Manufacturing.Company):

• I am using the black on the Witches Checklist - looks so cool. Might use more before it is done. My hubby calls it " Bev-ing it" Because I add sparkle with your threads to most of my cross stitch projects. - Bev
• Used several on my grandson's first Halloween costume, a lion. Also used them on 7 Christmas cross stitch and needlepoint projects this year. Haven't tried them on knitting but have all intentions on using them for a charity scarf project for foster children in colleges across America for Valentine's Day gifts. Thanks for creating such a wonderful product. - Susan
• Green for dragons, gold for goldfish, blue to make lakes look realistic, bits of silver among the ice and snow.... - Karen
• I love them in regular, joe-average cross stitch projects. I love the effect of the light on the thread. - Katrina
ยช Halloween crafts, including making an actual web! — Lianna
• I use it to give that extra bling that is needed on a piece. Also to make flames and sparks for a fire. — Deborah
• I use it for animal eyes and people eyes in cross stitch and stitchery. When blended with other Kreinik in such cases, it customizes the eyes, adds expression and depth otherwise not realized. Of course, its addition also gives the shimmer ... — Debra
• Seems it would give depth to water and dimension to snow. — Pat
• I use the holographic metallic in my Halloween cross stitch — Beth
• I haven't had a chance to use the holographic threads. However, I would use them in one of my needlepoint or cross stitch projects. — Tara
• I haven't used them yet, but am currently working on a cross-stitched enchantress design and totally want to use them for the starry skies. — Lisa
• Kreinik threads are what give my dragons their magic and sparkle. I, being like them, would welcome any chance to hoard new threads and colours! — Jennifer
• I have a dual demand household here. I would look for any opportunity to include some sparkle and shine to my cross stitch, Hardanger, and blackwork. Blackwork would demonstrate some interesting effects with holographic threads! In the meantime, my boyfriend poaches my stash for making fishing lures... — Connie
• I've never used them but can see myself using them for highlighting my cross stitch designs. — Barbara
• I have started using some of my 70+ spools of Kreinik blending filaments and cords to embellish my homemade greeting cards. I'll never use them all up in my cross stitching! I haven't found any holographic threads in Canada yet, but I'd love to try them! I love water and have a few charts of ocean, stream and waterfall views. I'll bet they would bring the water to life!!! — Doris
• I have used them in my freeform crochet projects--they really add pizazz and dimension. — Barbara
• I have used it to make Friendship Cords for embellishment on needlepoint projects. It really is precious! — Julia
• For cross stitch & paper craft! I make awesome cards for every occasion! — Amy
• I like to use them in my needlepoint projects. Stars, sun, moon look great with long stitches to really see the effects of your holographic metallic threads. Also stripes on a flag and to dress up anything that needs to be highlighted beyond using Kreinik braids. — Janet
• I would use them to produce highlights in embroidered pictures. My husband raids my stash for fly tying supplies. Solar silver has lots of possibilities for both our hobbies. — Stasha
• As an embellishment to fantasy cross stitch projects! What dragon wouldn't look truly mystical with a strand of holographic metallic thread adding sparkle to his scales?! — Valerie
• I love Kreinik Holographic Threads!! I used them on my new Polar Bear Design. Both the hat & present were stitched with Kreinik Holographic Threads! http://createneedlepoint.typepad.com/create_needlepoint/2010/09/needlepoint-polar-bear-present-ornament-completed.html — Barbara
• I am a bobbin lace maker and use Kreinik threads as accent colors in ornaments and other projects. The holographic colors would look great in the Christmas lights! — Holly

Thanks for all of the great suggestions! If you have created something with the Kreinik holographic threads, send us photos. We would love to see your work. Email info@kreinik.com. The holographic threads are available in needlework stores; visit www.kreinik.com/locator to find one near you, or visit www.kreinikmall.com.

Here are links to some online projects featuring the holographic threads:
1. Needlepoint Pumpkin: http://www.kreinik.com/kshop/product.php?productid=17156&cat=366&page=3
2. Salt and Pepper Shakers: http://www.kreinik.com/kshop/product.php?productid=17130&cat=0&page=1
3. Holographic Headband: http://www.kreinik.com/kshop/product.php?productid=17128&cat=0&page=1
4. Holographic Cross-Stitched Star: http://www.kreinik.com/kshop/product.php?productid=17127&cat=0&page=1
5. Renaissance Napkin Rings: http://www.kreinik.com/kshop/product.php?productid=17129&cat=0&page=1
6. Robot Read cross stitched bookmark: http://www.kreinik.com/kshop/product.php?productid=17132&cat=0&page=1

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