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We know you are busy stitching holiday gifts, with visions of beautiful ornaments and stockings dancing in your heads. Your stitching is beautiful, now make sure the finishing is just as elegant. What, no time to send your project to a professional finisher? We understand…that's why there is a tool to help you at home, in the wee hours of the night, finish those projects with flair.

It's the Kreinik Custom Corder and you can buy one at your local needlework store, various online stores, or here. If this sounds like an infomercial, we apologize, but this is one product that has proven helpful to stitchers over and over again. In times of holiday crafting stress, we want to help. We have taught trim classes, made countless cords in shops and at trade shows, and heard back from Custom-Corder owners witnessing to the fact that this tool is "an absolutely wonderful gadget."

10 Things To Know About the Custom Corder

1. What is it? The Kreinik Custom Corder is a hand-held tool that twists together two or more strands of thread to create craft cording. Use this cording to trim pillows, ornaments, stand ups, stockings, anything where piping or trim is needed.
2. Why is it so great? #1 The trims you make with this tool will look like professional cording, but at a fraction of the cost. #2 Rather than relying on a store-bought trim that may or may not match, you can combine any colors to coordinate with a project. #3 It's easy to use; kids and adults of all ages and skill levels can use it. #4 Small, lightweight, and portable to keep in your stitching stash for on-the-spot (and under-a-deadline) trim making.

3. How do I use it? Instructions come with the Corder, but you can also see a video here.

4. What kind of threads can I use? Anything! Feel free to combine colors to match your project, and combine textures to make cording elegant. We have corded Kreinik metallics (Medium #16 Braid, Canvas #24 Braid, Heavy #32 Braid and 1/8" Ribbon are best) with Kreinik silk threads (Silk Mori, Silk Serica), knitting yarns, strips of leather, rick-rack, silk ribbons, even strips of fabric. 

5. Is there a difference between the black model and the red model? Yes, the red model is the old version. The new improved black model has the weight in the handle, meaning you don't need an extra tool to complete the twisting process.

6. Can I mix more than two colors? Yes! The more friends you have (to hold the ends) the more colors you can mix. 

7. Can I make cording by myself or do I need another person? If by yourself, anchor the opposite end of the thread onto a bulletin board or another steady object in your house. Here is one stitcher's clever idea for using multiple colors when you're friends/family aren't around:

8. What else can I make with it besides trim? You can make jewelry such as chains, bracelets, friendship bracelets, sports-themed bracelets. Doll artists use the corder to twist very fine threads to make scale replicas of jewelry and dollhouse furnishings. Needlepointers also use it to make surface embellishments, couch on designs to resemble real-metal threads, or create dimensional effects on painted canvas designs.

9. Where can I see photos of things made with the Corder? Check out our Flickr Album:

10. Where do I get one? You can buy one at your local needlework store, various online stores, or here.


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