Dye lot change coming to Kreinik metallic thread color 015

Plan accordingly! Kreinik color 015 Chartreuse is going to have a slight change in dye lot during the next production run in 2020. If you are mid project, make sure you have enough of the current dye lot.  

A few things you can do to find old spools:

  1. Contact needlework shops to see if they have old stock
  2. Contact stitchers through Reddit, Facebook groups or other social media to see if they have an old spool and are willing to part with it or swap for something

Speaking of dye lots...

We have had a flurry of stitchers calling in a panic lately, mid project, looking for old dye lots. Sometimes we can find an old spool, but more often than not, we can't match it. Always, always, always make sure you have enough of a current dye lot — in any thread, yarn or even fabric — when you start your project. 

This is especially important if you:

  • purchase needlework threads from a discount store or second-hand store
  • inherit someone's stitching stash
  • purchase from a shop going out of business or other clearance sale
  • buy needlework supplies from an estate sale
All manufacturers try to keep dye lots as close as possible, but sometimes it's inevitable. Minimize any stress by making sure you have enough to finish your project. 


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