The easier way to do beading in needlework

Beads in embroidery create interesting bumpy texture and add 3-dimensional lift. That sounds awesome—until you start stringing a hundred tiny orbs that roll around when you try to pick them up. How many times have you toppled your bead tray, or how many beads have you lost under in the couch, while trying to embroider with them? There's an easier way! We're here to make your bead-life better, with Kreinik Facets.

Kreinik Facets are a bead-like yarn that you couch on the surface of your needlework. They're essentially beads that are already strung together. So you get no mess, no flying beads—only the cool look of 3-D texture without the hassle. On your way to becoming a Kreinik thread expert this year, you will want to explore this fun fiber option. Here's everything you need to know about Kreinik Facets to make your next project as gorgeous as ever.

Five facts about Kreinik Facets

  • It's faster than beading. Imagine simply laying one strand of beads, rather than threading individual beads one at a time.
  • It's a surface embroidery thread, you don't stitch in and out with it like a traditional Kreinik Braid. This actually makes it versatile: you can use it on any size canvas or fabric.
  • It comes in two sizes: regular Facets and Petite Facets, which are half the weight of regular Facets.
  • It comes in a wired version. Aside from the obvious 3-D effects, the wire holds its shape while you couch it down (ie, great for cursive words).
  • You can use it to make interesting cords. Take the red Facets and cord with Kreinik's Micro Ice Chenille in green, for instance, using the Custom Corder tool, then turn the cording into a wreath shape. The Facets look like holly berries.
Where to use Facets

Think of this fun fiber for borders, trims, cording. Use Facets to replicate jewelry, garland, rope-like areas, or any motif where you would normally use beads.
  • needlepoint
  • cross stitch
  • embroidery
  • clothing
  • quilts
  • home decor
How to use Facets
  1. First, prepare the ends. This is the trickiest part about Facets, but easily controllable. Wrap a piece of tape tightly around the end. Use a large needle or awl to open the hole in your fabric or canvas, and plunge the end to the back of your work. Use the needle or your finger to "close" the canvas/fabric fibers around the Facets.
  2. Alternate thread-end prep: use a clear nail polish or FrayCheck™ to stop any raveling. After it dries, the ends can be secured as part of your stitching on the surface of your work (no need to plunge to the back).
  3. Couch Facets (tack them down) using either a matching color of Kreinik thread (like #4 Braid or Cord), a clear monofilament thread, or a contrasting color of any thread (like silk or metallic). What you use to couch them depends on the look you want to achieve in your design. Feel free to experiment and have fun here.
  4.  When finished, either plunge the end to the back (as in #1 above) or use #2 option to finish off the end.
For more information

Find Kreinik Facets, Petite Facets, and Wired Facets in your favorite needlework store. They come on spools or skeins (the wired version). For large projects, they are available on cones by special order.


Free sparkling spring crochet project

Tis the season! That is, the time of year when it's too warm for winter sweaters but too cold for spring dresses. What's a girl to do when she still wants to wear her art out? Crochet these lightweight fingerless mitts for Easter dresses, tea parties, Sunday school, or early morning waiting at school bus stops. The pattern is free!

Designed by April Garwood for small sizes, the gloves feature Kreinik's soft Ombre metallic yarn. This thread is so soft you won't even notice it by feel. But the variegated color adds light and shine for eye-catching prettiness. It's the perfect add-in fiber for any project needing a special touch. April chose Kreinik's Misty Violet color, which features shades of silver, lilac, lavender, and purple.

April has many more crochet patterns you'll love. Look for her on Ravelry, Etsy, Facebook, the Banana Moon Studio blog, or the Kreinik website (link to her Spring Frost Crocheted Scarf is below). Her background is impressive: a degree in microbiology from the University of Oklahoma. Her "foreground" is universal: "I have yarn in my hands as often as possible." Many patterns are ideal for busy moms who want to make things that are fashionable, creatively fulfilling, and suitable for adults or children.  Thank you, April, for sharing this free pattern with crocheters!

How to get the pattern:
Download this free pattern on the Banana Moon Studio blog here:

For more information:


New needlepoint school

If you're a stitcher, look for needlework retreats and schools in your area or where you can go on vacation. Unlike high school which may have involved homework stress and emotional turmoil, needlework school is fun. It's a chance to socialize with like-minded people—making instant friends—while expanding your stitching repertoire and making something beautiful. Hopefully you will finish your project, but the goal is to learn something and have fun. Don't hesitate to sign up for needlework school.

We recently heard about a new school/retreat in the works for January 2018 at a hotel/spa in Montgomery, Alabama. Organized by Julia Snyder of Key Stitches design company and Leigh Miller of The Needle Bug, it has your interests in mind. The teacher selection is amazing:

Mary Legallet
Tony Minieri
Barbara Elmore
Robin King
Jan Rogers
Debbie Rowley
Julia Snyder
Patricia Sone
Brenda Stofft

Choose from 4-day classes, 2-day classes, or one 6-day class. Get all the details here or here

Don't fear the teacher, don't fear the project, don't fear the homework…Just sign up and have fun. We're pretty sure you'll discover new ways to use Kreinik threads in some of these classes too. What a great way to become a Kreinik thread expert.


Rumors about discontinued Kreinik colors

Rumors about discontinued Kreinik colors are circulating again. Sometimes a shop may be out of a color, or there could be a delay in production, and that's how rumors start. We recommend you check with us directly if you hear anything about Kreinik or a color.

We haven't discontinued any colors since 2014. However, in light of recent enquiries, we thought it best to list those colors again. We hate to let go of any color, but sometimes it's necessary to clean up the line and make room for new colors. If you are mid-project and run out, contact us. We may have leftover stock or can help you find a shop with leftover stock.

Keep this list handy. Share with your stitching friends and favorite needlework store to help clear up the rumors.

Discontinued Kreinik Braid Color  = Current Kreinik Braid Substitution

NM = no match

  • 034 Confetti = NM
  • 041 Confetti Pink = 044 Confetti Blue
  • 042 Confetti Fuchsia = NM 
  • 043 Confetti Green = NM
  • 070 Mardi Gras = 5011 Elfin Green
  • 195 Sunburst = 095 Starburst
  • 235 Red Ember = 307 Deep Coral
  • 271 Plum = 3223 Ametrine
  • 393 Silver Night = 622 Wedgewood Blue
  • 664 Magenta Blue = NM 
  • 3240 Opal = 095 Starburst
  • 3508 Rhumba Green = 829 Mint Julep
  • 3509 Cha Cha Verde = 008HL Green Hi Lustre
  • 3540 Bolero Black = 005 Black
  • 4001 Green Tea = 4201 Sugar Cane
  • 4002 Spiced Chai = 4202 Dusky Meadow
  • 4003 Ginseng Gold = 4203 Cattail
  • 4004 Earl Grey = 4204 Storm Cloud
  • 4005 Sugar Cube = 102 Vatican Gold
  • 4006 Rosehip = NM (slightly more lilac is 3223 Ametrine. 093 Star Mauve, or 023 Lilac; slightly pinker is 007HL Pink Hi Lustre)
  • 5002 Pixiedust = NM (close but without blue is 4013 Purple Haze or 3223 Ametrine, or without the purple is 025 Grey)
  • 5004 Love Potion = 024L Fiery Fuchsia
  • 5007 Brocade = 5006 Ore
  • 5008 Leprechaun = 009 Emerald
  • 5525 Lemon = 5725 Lollipop Lemon
  • 5530 Rosemary Green = 4201 Sugar Cane
  • 9300 Orchid = NM (closest pastel is slightly darker 093 Star Mauve)
  • 2094HL Heather Hi Lustre = NM
  • 056F Blueberry = NM 
  • 057F Grape = NM 
  • 003C Red Corded = 003 Red
  • 005C Black Corded = 005 Black
  • 007C Pink Corded = 007 Pink
  • 008C Green Corded = 008 Green
  • 011C Nickel Corded = 010HL Steel Grey
  • 012C Purple Corded = 012 Purple
  • 032C Pearl Corded = 032 Pearl
  • 034C Confetti Corded = NM (closest but without black is 095 Starburst)
  • 041C Confetti Pink Corded = 044 Confetti Blue
  • 051C Sapphire Corded = 051HL Sapphire Hi Lustre
  • 104C Colonial Gold Corded = 210 Gold Dust
  • 208C Wine Corded = 080HL Garnet Hi Lustre
  • 225C Slate Corded = 025 Grey
  • 088C Lily Pond Corded = 4201 Sugar Cane

For more information:

• Visit the individual thread pages on to see which colors are available in which thread sizes

• Download color charts here:

• Buy a metallic color card here:


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