Come to the once-a-year Kreinik sale

Grab your friends and make an autumn road trip to the Kreinik Factory Outlet Store the first weekend of October. The mi-Ohio Valley is lovely that time of year, and the fibers you'll find in our mega sale are even lovelier. 

We put up tents in the parking lot for the overflow of silks, metallics, fabrics, accessories and just about anything your creative mind desires. This year we are selling finished models from the Kreinik archives too. Pick up some home decor or gift items in needlepoint, embroidery, cross stitch, knitting, crochet, and quilting. We will have a huge section of Christmas models that make quick gifts. 

Spend at least $125 and get our famous "Kreinik Stash" tote (you can only get it at the Factory Outlet, much to the envy of people who haven't made the visit yet!). You will have a great time visiting the colorful, interesting Kreinik factory. Get some fibers for your winter projects, and meet new friends who share your passion. 

If you do any of the following techniques (and more that aren't listed), you'll find fabulous fibers and treasures:

  • cross stitch
  • crochet
  • needlepoint
  • embroidery
  • quilting
  • jewelry making
  • Temari
  • Sashiko
  • Swedish Weaving
  • fly fishing
  • weaving
  • knitting
  • crochet
  • tatting
  • mixed media
  • fiber art
  • art schools
  • kids' camps
And, of course, anything else you would want to do with threads and yarns. 

So here are the details:
  1. October 3, 4, 5, 2019
  2. 1708 Gihon Road, Parkersburg West Virginia 26101
  3. October 3 and 4 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
  4. October 5 from 8 am to noon
  5. We can provide recommendations on lodging and eateries if needed
Hope to see you there!


Kreinik is coming to Ohio!

Meet Doug Kreinik and do make-it-take-its with Kreinik threads at Quilt Fest at the end of this month, at The Dairy Barn in Athens, Ohio

Come play with Kreinik threads and pick up exciting fibers to use in your next creation. Show dates and times are August 31, 2019, 10 AM – 6 PM and September 1, 2019, 10 AM – 4 PM. This event is being held in conjunction with the Athens Area Fiber Faire and is a celebration of everything fiber.

It doesn't matter if you're not a quilter, come anyway. There will be lots of exhibitors (including Kreinik) to inspire you! You'll find treasures you can use in your own creative projects. Get your fiber fix if you're into crafts, creating, making, and merriment.

  • WHEN: August 31 - September 1, 2019
  • WHERE: The Dairy Barn, Athens Ohio USA


How to learn embroidery stitches galore

If you've admired the gorgeous embroidery seen on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and wish you could stitch those beauties, we're here to tell you that YOU CAN. It's as simple as:
  1.  Learning the stitches
  2.  Combining different fibers for different textural effects
  3.  Practicing
  4.  Then using your newfound knowledge to create patterns
Ok the last part can be more challenging, so just focus on steps 1 through 3 if you're beginning. A new pattern series from PIecemakers—the huge store in Costa Mesa, California—will help you get started. Their "Stitches Galore" patterns focus on the most popular and basic stitches you should know as well as give you actual projects that combine the stitches. 

We love how they have combined different fibers, beads, etc to create more visual interest; something that is not hard to do at all and takes your stitches from basic to stunning. "We appreciate the quality of your products and recommend them highly," Shivaun from Piecemakers told us about using Kreinik threads in the designs. 

Look for the STITCHES GALORE series from Piecemakers or other online sources (notes in italics are our commentary):
  1. Volume 1, Number 1: Buttonhole Stitch Combinations (a basic beauty)
  2. Volume 1, Number 2: Chain Stitch Combinations (another basic that can be used in so many ways)
  3. Volume 1, Number 3: Herringbone Stitch Combinations (classic linear/traveling stitch)
  4. Volume 1, Number 4: Zigzag Detached Chain Stitch Combinations (these look really elaborate but are easily done)
  5. Volume 1, Number 5: Cretan Stitch Combinations (anyone know the origin of that stitch name?)
  6. Volume 1, Number 6: Feather Stitch Combinations (one of the best for creating foliage)
  7. Volume 1, Number 7: More Cretan Stitch Combinations (definitely a counting stitch)
  8. Volume 1, Number 8: Bugs, Bees and Butterflies (let's be honest, this is the most fun)
  9. Volume 1, Number 9: Chevron Stitch Combinations (a useful foundation stitch)
  10. Volume 1, Number 10: Ribbed Stitch And More (shown in the pumpkin photo in our post)
  11. Volume 1, Number 11: Cross Stitch Combinations (fun to see this basic stitch worked in different ways)
  12. Volume 1, Number 12: Holbein Stitch Combinations (it's so much more than a straight-line stitch)

This is a great time of year to learn new stitches and to explore embroidery ideas. Once you start combining your favorites, you will create gorgeous designs. Have fun!


Visiting needlework shop Needlepoint Gallery & More in New York

Take a virtual trip to this fabulous needlework store — and then visit the shop in person if you can! They carry lots of Kreinik threads for all techniques (embroidery, needlepoint, cross stitch, fly fishing) Watch Doug Kreinik interview owner Doris Katz in this video from July 2019. 


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