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To our customers and stitchers worldwide, 

We apologize for the length of time it is taking to fill orders right now. We were closed during the early days of the pandemic, which put us behind, and now we have a smaller crew due to the pandemic. We are shipping as fast as possible, running our thread-making machines 15+ hours a day, with staff working overtime. If we exhaust our staff, they could become ill, so we are watching out for them. 

We are also being cautious about hiring extra staff because we do not know where they have been and if they have been exposed to COVID. One sick person and we would have to close, and that is what we are protecting against. So, yes, it is taking longer, but we are producing, and plan to stay that way by being careful. 

We are working hard and shipping times are improving with each week. Thank you so much for your patience. Stay safe and healthy.

Regards, Doug Kreinik


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