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Turn your radio on…er, rather, your iPhone, iPad, or computer and visit with the man who makes the threads you’re using in your cross stitch, needlepoint, weaving, crazy quilting, fly tying, fiber art, mixed media, or embroidery project. It’s a podcast called Fiber Talk, and this week’s guest is Doug Kreinik.

Fiber Talk is a fireside chat with fellow stitchers, a peer into the people behind your favorite designs, threads, fabrics and more. It’s the podcast for people who play with needles, people who love people who play with needles, or people who want to play with needles. That’s how hosts Gary and Christine, both needleworkers, describe their fun show. It airs weekly, interviewing needlework designers, company owners, and other interesting fiber people.

We’re thrilled that they asked to interview Doug. Kreinik threads give stitchers “a whole other avenue of creativity,” as Christine notes in the podcast. The hour-long interview turns into a fabulous discussion on threads, family, the industry, and everything in between. Hear about Kreinik’s 100-year-old machines, where the idea for the threads came from, what actually happens at the factory, and more. 

Enjoy your visit with Doug Kreinik!


Change is coming to a classic Kreinik color

We want to let you know that Kreinik color 002HL has a slight dye lot change that will be taking effect in the next few weeks. The new 002HL is still beautifully brassy, but just a bit darker in shade. 

Unfortunately, dye lot changes happen periodically. They are the bane of any fiber maker. We hate the thought that a project-in-progress could be ruined by a color change. We always recommend buying enough thread at one time to finish a project to avoid dye lot issues. In the day of bargain thread sales on ebay or yard sales, or even with shops (or Kreinik) clearing out old stock, there is always a risk that a color may have changed—and that applies to any fiber, any maker, any brand.

We regularly label the dye lots on our Silk Mori, but have never done special designation on the metallics. Stitcher Donna suggested we start identifying dye lots with the metallics, and we agree. So when you receive the new 002HL, spools will have an extra marking above the size; in this case, the letter “B” designating a dye lot difference. From now on, a stand-alone letter on the label It will be shown on any metallic experiencing a dye lot difference. 

We are so sorry for the inconvenience of the change in 002HL. It won't be drastic, but it may be noticeable if you are stitching a project with an older spool. 

In the meanwhile...

The big fiber sale at our outlet store is this week: October 5, 6, 7, 2017 at 1708 Gihon Road, Parkersburg, West Virginia. Grab your friends—shop owners, get a busload of customers—and come for some fun: 
  • silk thread specials, ideal for sampler fans, weavers, and fiber artists
  • metallic on cones for big projects, weaving, jewelry making, fly fishing, and every other technique
  • cross stitch fabrics at a clearance price (premium quality, leftover from kits)
  • accessories galore (yes, you need more needles)


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