Three new Kreinik colors

For your stitching pleasure, we excitedly announce three new metallic thread colors: 5013 Plum Berry, 2132HL Copper Pearl High Lustre, and 1232HL Lavender Pearl Hi Lustre. The new colors debuted last month at the Destination: Dallas needlepoint trade show, so they are making their way to your favorite needlework stores now. (If any shop missed the show, call us to order.) 

Ideas for using the new colors
Tis the season to be stitching snow...and that just got a little bit more fun with the two new pearl shades. Now you can do shading with white, stitching prismatic color just like Mother Nature. The new pearls are also perfect for frosting, any whimsical pattern, or simply to add a sparkle with subtle color. The 2132HL Copper Pearl Hi Lustre has a hint of orange mixed with the white, and 1232HL Lavender Pearl Hi Lustre has a whisper of purple. Both come in Kreinik Fine #8 Braid and Tapestry #12 Braid sizes.

Gorgeous 5013 Plum Berry is a rich purple with fuchsia undertones that adds depth, color, and a regal feeling to projects. This color is like a fine wine, a Renaissance painting, or a delicious fruit: smooth, sensual, an instant classic. Available in Kreinik thread sizes Very Fine #4 Braid, Fine #8 Braid, and Tapestry #12 Braid. 


To get the new colors
Ask your favorite needlework store for 5013, 2132HL, and 1232HL, or visit our website to pick up these new colors.


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