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Kreinik note: Guest blogger Barbara Blankenship is one of the most talented crazy quilters you will meet. She always inspires us with her creative use of stitches and threads, so we asked Barbara to share some of her top tips for using Kreinik threads in crazy quilt embellishment. Even if you aren’t a crazy quilter, use her suggestions as ideas for incorporating fun embellishments into your own art form.

As an avid crazy quilter, I’ve long been a fan of Kreinik threads. Whether I use it in a seam treatment or motif design, it’s the perfect thread to make the design “pop.”

I love the rich look the Kreinik metallic threads offer. They needle differently than finer threads but don’t let this discourage you. Here are several tips I’ve found helpful:

  1. Use a shorter length of thread. As the metallic thread moves through the eye of the needle it will begin to fray. Shorter lengths will minimize this problem.
  2. Use a larger shank needle when using the heavier threads. If the entry hole is larger the thread will glide through more easily and not tend to fray.
  3. Use a ribbon embroidery needle when stitching with the 1/16 or 1/8” Kreinik ribbon.

I hope the following photos will better explain the beauty this thread lends to your needle and fiber art.

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the possibilities of using Kreinik’s new Easter Grass ribbon. The most obvious use, of course, is the nest pictured here.
  • Every crazy quilt needs at least one spider web. In this photo I’ve used the Kreinik Tapestry #12 Braid.
  • I used the Kreinik machine sewing thread ZTIC0031 Golden Brown fine twist sewing thread on this acorn needle case. I love the brief glimpse of brown metallic around the outer edges. It’s a very fine thread yet has the strength and durability to stitch the two pieces of wool securely together. This thread is intended for sewing machine use but I’m so glad I tried it for hand embroidery. The blanket stitch around the leaf and bottom edge of the acorn cap is stitched with #8 braid.
  • I love this woven seam treatment using the Kreinik #16 Braid. Lynn Schoeffler introduced this stitch through and it’s one of my favorites.
  • These stacked fly stitch pyramids are done using the Kreinik gold Blending Filament.
  • In this seam treatment I’ve couched the Kreinik 1/8” Ribbon. The herringbone and lazy daisies are done with #8 braid along with #4 lazy daisies.
  • In the final two photos I’ve woven cords using various Kreinik threads along with matching fibers. By choosing eight Kreinik threads along with coordinating fibers (and beads) I have created trees, branches and frames. I used the Diva Cord Maker distributed by the Fibergoddess.

What an amazing journey I’ve had discovering all the wonderful things available to the fabric and fiber artist. I am thrilled to be able to share my love of Kreinik threads.

By Barbara Blankenship

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