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Note from Kreinik: We are so excited to have an article and needlepoint stitch guide from blogger and designer Janet Perry of Napa Needlework and http://www.nuts-about-needlepoint.com. Often we fall in love with a painted canvas needlepoint design, but don't know where to start when it comes to actually stitching it. Stitch guide writers like Janet tell you which threads and stitches can be used to bring a canvas to life. Thank you, Janet for sharing this project featuring Kreinik's new Easter Grass plus Kreinik Treasure Tape and Iron-on Thread. Like her, you can use a variety of materials on a needlepoint canvas. Don't be afraid to experiment and have fun!

Kreinik makes a wealth of items that can be used to give needlepoint a whole new look. Using this painted canvas of a glass of beer, I used Kreinik threads, embellishments, and some items from my stash to make a distinctive needlepoint design.

Foaming Beer Glass (CT145) Canvas from KS Designs
Stitch Guide by Janet M. Perry

Here’s what you need:
3 skeins Kreinik Silk Mori 5097 (blue)
1 skein brown paper packages Silk & Ivory 93 Red Hot (red)
1 spool Kreinik Silk Serica 7173 (cream)
1 spool each Kreinik 1/8” ribbon: 5555 (cream) and 100 (white)
1 spool Kreinik Easter grass 1/8" size
1 spool Kreinik Tapestry (#12) braid in 5720 (gold), 032 (white), 191 (cream)
1 spool Kreinik Iron-on Ribbon 003 (red)
1 Kreinik Teflon Press Cloth
1 tube Kreinik micro-beads in gold
1 package each Swarovski hot fix crystals crystal, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm
1 package Kreinik Treasure Tape stars
1/2-inch shank button from your stash
home iron or craft iron

1. Borders: Padded Gobelin using Silk & Ivory. Stop the padding stitches one thread before each corner.
2. Glass Base: Basketweave using Easter Grass. This thread is very stiff, so use short lengths and pull each stitch tightly.
3. Beer: Four-way Continental skipping occasional stitches in order to add in hot fix crystals
4. Head: Four-way Continental using Silk Serica
5. Foam: French Knots done in several passes; each pass covering more of the foam. The first and second passes are with the two 1/8” ribbons. These should cover almost all the foam. The last two passes should use the white and cream Tapestry (#12) braids. These fill in the remaining area in the foam and build up the foam by being on top of the existing knots. These knots do not have to be perfect; they can be loose, use different numbers of wraps, and face different ways. If you like, you can add more knots using other white and cream threads. If you want to add highlights use Kreinik Tapestry (#12) braid in white (100) to add a few on top of the other knots.
6. NOTE: Before stitching the background, place the smallest size star from the Treasure Tape sheet over the star on the canvas, you will be stitching around it.
Background: Double Trellis using six strands of Silk Mori. Stitch over the red streamers and over the white round. Leave the very center hole of the white round open and do not stitch the small white dots scattered over the background.
7. Button: Using a shank button about ½” in diameter, attach it to the open area of the white dot.
8. Star: Replace the star if needed, and peel off the protective red tape. Working over a paper towel to catch the excess, sprinkle gold micro-beads onto the star. Tip the canvas up and brush off the excess. Press star gently to be sure everything is secure.
9. Dots in Background: Using the 4mm crystals and the hot fix gun, attach these crystals to the small white dots on the background. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to attach.
10. Bubbles in beer: Use the 3mm and 2mm crystals and attach these to the stitches you skipped on the beer. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to attach. I found the 3mm crystals much easier to attach. If you like use all 3mm crystals.
11. Red Streamers: There is a red streamer on either side of the glass. These are applied after everything else using the Kreinik Iron-on ribbon. Use a dry iron and a Teflon press cloth. I cut the ribbon, then made the twists and ironed them on.

End note: We love how Janet used the metallic gold to make the beer look wet. Also note the opal ribbon Easter Grass used for the glass; it lets the canvas color (white) come through while giving a glassy look. Use metallics like these to recreate things in life that are naturally sparkly. Get more stitching tips, design ideas, and news from Janet's blog http://www.nuts-about-needlepoint.com and http://www.napaneedlepoint.com

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