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On the outskirts of Houston, Texas, there is a needlework store called 3 Stitches. We love seeing store owner Pamela Brazell at the TNNA trade shows every year; she is friendly, fun, red-haired, southern-talking, and a smart business owner. After all of these years, we finally asked her, "What are the three stitches in the name?" See the interview below for the answer. Get to know this well-stocked needlework store with a fabulous mission: "We want everyone to know all they can about the needlework world." If you are in Spring, Texas, stop by to pick up your Kreinik threads, embellishments, and other needlework goodies. Live elsewhere? They also do mail order, sell on their web site, and on www.kreinikmall.com.


3 Stitches

Location 7822 Louetta Road, Spring, TX 77379 USA

Phone: 281-320-0133

Web site: www.3stitches.com

Email: 3stitches@3stitches.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/3-Stitches/126656676956

Pamela Brazell, owner

Q: What is the story behind your store’s name?

PAM: "3 Stitches" refers to 1. work, 2. hands, and 3. heart. You give of your hands and work with your heart to do needlework.

Q: How long have you had the shop?

PAM: 17 years.

Q: Do you have a shop specialty? The photos on your web site show lots of cross stitch and needlepoint designs.

PAM: We focus on needle arts including cross stitch, Hardanger, needlepoint, silk ribbon, pulled and drawn threads, and embellishment classes.

Q: Tell us about some of your staff. Who would we meet when we come into the store?

PAM: Come and meet the "SAPS" of 3 Stitches – that is, the Stitching Aide Problem Solvers. They will greet you with a friendly hello and welcome you into Stoneyville. Stoneyville is what the inside of the shop is called because Stoney (a grey mouse with big red ears) sits on the bench above the cabinets behind the 20-foot counter. He is the chief and boss of the store. Should you have any problems he is always here to talk to you as the SAPS are busy working.

Q: Which Kreinik threads do you carry?

PAM: Nearly all of them. The ones we don’t carry we will be happy to order for our customers.

Q: Do you also sell online, or through mail order for stitchers who may not be able to get to the shop, or don't live nearby?

PAM: People can buy from our shop online through our website, mail orders, phone calls, and emails. We also participate in Kreinik’s online mall, www.kreinikmall.com.

Q: Do you have classes or special events in your store?

PAM: We have in-store classes normally on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Special events include any event we can think of. We did an Olympic event in the shop with hoops for basketball goals with beads and threads. Saturday, October 1 we are having a Tucson Night. Buy a special glass that was made for the shop and receive a glass of wine. We will be learning how to stitch a Tucson theme chart which includes numerous colors of threads. Where do we start, what color comes next and why, etc. Great fun for all on a Saturday night! We always have one-on-one classes. We want everyone to know all they can about the needlework world.

Q: Has anyone famous ever visited your store?

PAM: One of our famous people who has been in the shop is Doug Kreinik. Unfortunately we did not take a picture of him and Rebecca Maron who won first prize in a Kreinik ornament contest. Rebecca (Becky) started working in the shop when she was 17 years old and in high school. Shondra Boring who is an actress with the Arts of Houston Shows is a stitcher. Numerous cross stitch designers have taught classes in the shop. The shop was also featured in the Houston Newsletter under the Sports Section asking my opinion of sports with needlework.

Q: Here at Kreinik, we love to talk about food and restaurants. Is there a good place to eat near the store?

PAM: A great Mexican restaurant near the shop is La Maria’s. It is a family-owned business with good food. If you are in the area, just call 281-376-3739 and order.

Q: What is the best part about being involved in the needlework world?

PAM: Being in the needlework business is a great opportunity to meet some of the kindest, most thoughtful people who enjoy the love of the industry. Playing in the threads and pretending to create the design is very rewarding too.

Tidbits about Spring, Texas: Jim Parsons, the actor who plays Sheldon Cooper on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, graduated from high school in Spring. He is one of several actors from the town. MLB player Josh Beckett is also from Spring (source: wikipedia). The town got its name in the 1870s when railroad workers from the north arrived in the area; it was springtime and they were just so excited that winter was over (source: www.oldtownspring.com) they named the town Camp Spring.

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