How to read a Kreinik label

Sound like a boring topic for a blog? Well sure, but every once in awhile we get someone looking for color "10m," or wondering what the "C" in 002C means. So here is a quick primer on the Anatomy of a Kreinik Thread Label.

At a glance:
1. The Kreinik name and crown logo. Designed over 40 years ago, that crown logo means you have the best metallic thread right there in your hands. Top of the line, high quality, you can count on Kreinik.

2. Thread Name. The label will say "Canvas #24 Braid" or "Very Fine #4 Braid" or "Petite Facets" which indicates the type of thread you have. Some of our colors, such as 002 Gold, can come in all of our metallic threads, so check the thread name to see which thread size you have.

3. Color Number. Just below the thread name is a the color number. Our numbers can be basic numbers, or have a letter after them. Here is what the letters mean:
L = Holographic
V = Vintage
C = Cord
HL = Hi Lustre
F = Fluorescent
W = Wired

4. The amount of thread on the spool. The "M" number indicates the amount of material on the spool. We measure by meters, so "10m" means 10 meters, "3m" means 3 meters, and so on.

Have any other questions about how to read Kreinik packaging? Let us know!

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