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Doug Kreinik with author Betsy Hershberg
Doug Kreinik is the son of company founders Jerry and Estelle Kreinik. He now owns the business and truly lives every day to share his family's passion about creativity, textiles, design, and thread-making.

He has traveled the world showing people not only how to make things with thread, but how to imagine projects transformed into personal expressions with color, texture, and dimension. He created the company motto, "Threads visualize thoughts," and loves seeing how people express their creativity through Kreinik thread.

In his 'thread seminar,' he brings hundreds of needlework models covering all ranges, skill levels, and types so that stitchers and would-be stitchers can see the possibilities of using thread, stitches and fabric. In this seminar series, he also details the ins-and-outs of thread manufacturing, adding his own personal stories that will make you laugh. We still get calls from previous seminar attendees who remember particular models or stories, and are still inspired by Doug's lectures. On a recent trip to Russia where he taught classes for Kreinik's distributor, Gela, the interpreter had to ask Doug to slow down because attendees were getting "emotional" - that is, so excited about the possibilities and what they could create with Kreinik threads, they needed more time to write things down and absorb the information. Doug is so energetic in person, making for lively and fun conversations.

Doug loves talking with people and is a good listener, hearing their stories and sharing possibilities. "Early in my career here at Kreinik," notes Creative Director Dena Lenham, "I attended a particular trade show with Doug. He was busy talking with customers while one shop owner stood in the aisle, looking our way, for a lengthy time. I repeatedly offered my assistance, saying, "Can I answer any questions...can I help you with anything...?" Finally she touched my arm re-assuredly and said, "No, honey, I just like to hear Doug talk."

You can hear Doug talk, plus ask him questions and view some fabulous needlework samples when he brings his thread seminar to the fabulous needlework store, The Needlepointer, in Everett, Washington, next week. For info, visit

PS: It's his birthday next week too!

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