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Kreinik threads hit the big time…in the little embroidered details on Game of Thrones costumes

The headline on BuzzFeed caught our attention: "These Close-Ups Of “Game Of Thrones” Fashion Will Take Your Breath Away: The level of detail is staggering. Costume embroider Michele Carragher takes her job very seriously." Here at Kreinik, we are fans of many shows and movies, and get excited to see a needlepoint pillow on a set, or see a movie star knitting. The Buzzfeed article, however, takes you closer than ever before to Textiles-On-TV: straight to the detailed embroidery work on costumes worn by Game of Thrones actors. Three cheers for embroidery! We all know how cool embroidery is, right? Now the world can see it too. 

Read Donna Dickens' article on BuzzFeed when you have a chance, and look at the stunning embroidery work. At the end of the article, there is a link to the costume designer's website, where you will find additional photos of gorgeous costumes, fiber art, and embroidery. Even more, the designer, Michele Carragher, shares videos of how she makes certain embroideries for the show. This is must-see internet-tv for all needleworkers. Michele has worked on costumes for tv and movies for 15+ years (specializing in hand embroidery and surface embellishment), and has an extensive background in historical textiles and restoration work. We can all learn a lot from Michele. She is really nice, too, which we found out when we contacted her.

It is truly a blessing to see up-close work of a talented needle artist, but also to have her show you step-by-step how the work is created. You will recognize some of the stitches she uses and the designers who influence her work. You probably own some of the same needlework books that she has in her studio. From looking at her website and viewing her tutorials, you feel connected to Michele through the fellowship of embroidery, and extremely proud that needlework made it to the big time like this. A quick search of "Game of Thrones costumes" on Twitter reveals a bunch of people who want to be Michele (and a bunch of people dressing like GOT characters for Halloween this year). This costume designer from London is bringing needlework to the masses in a very creative, fun, and HBO way.

To make a long blog shorter, we contacted Michele to tell her how much we admired her work and to thank her for sharing tutorial videos for needleworkers. Her assistant wrote to us, "I have passed your email onto Michele, she will personally reply to your email at the weekend...she very busy working away from her London base in Belfast on Game of Thrones season 4." Oh, how cool.

Michele contacted us when she had a chance, and said she has used Kreinik metallic threads on the embroidery in the costumes. "WOW, COOL," was the collective shriek from Kreinik staff. Catch Season 2, for example, and zero in on the insects which were created with Kreinik metallics. Michele's assistant, Franco, sent a video of one of these insects for us to share with everyone. Thank you Franco and Michele! Here is a link to the clip in which Kreinik threads are used in the details to recreate a grasshopper. Note: this isn't a real bug - it's embroidered!

Michele commented to us, "Thank you for visiting my site and I am glad you enjoyed it, apart from being my Online Portfolio for my film work I hope that it encourages others to embark on embroidery projects of their own, be they great or small." What wonderful inspiration for needleworkers of all levels and all ages. Spend some time on Michele's site today. Be sure to look at how she created the effect of dragon scales on a dress. Let's hear it for embroidery!

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