Sparkling Knitted Snowflakes

Yesterday's Winter Classic outdoor hockey game featured snow drifts on the ice. The US midwest has been shoveling out for days, and the northeast is getting ready to be slammed with a blizzard tonight and tomorrow. No doubt about it: winter is here for many parts of the globe. As the saying goes, if you can't beat it, join it — that is, join it in stitching some snowflakes of your own. You will be warm, dry, and making crystalline creations of the non-messy, non-frozen kind. 

For knitted snowflake designs, we love the collection of patterns by knit designer Elizabeth Ravenwood. The projects are small to make a quick-knit, and can be used for winter decor or to get you started on Christmas 2014 ornaments. What makes them really stand out, however, is the sparkle from Kreinik metallic threads. Use these soft fibers as carry-alongs to add the subtle shimmer and kaleidoscope of color you see in real snowflakes.

"Any of them can use the Kreinik threads that can be knit with size 1 needles," Elizabeth says. "For mine, I used Kreinik's Metallic Ombre (Molly), Heavy #32 Braid (Lily), the K2Tog [Blending Filament] carry-along thread in autumn colors (Gypsy), and Fine #8 Braid (Emma and Tina)."  

Here are links to the knitted snowflake patterns by Elizabeth Ravenwood (note: you need to be a member of to access the patterns):
  1. The Gypsy Snowflake:
  2. The Lily Snowflake:
  3. The Molly Snowflake:
  4. The Emma Snowflake:
  5. The Tina Snowflake:

Yes, It's definitely winter in parts of the globe, so wherever you are, stay safe, well fed, and make the best of it—knit! Find Kreinik threads to use in your designs here: 

Side note: Knitted hats are must-have this time of year, and the addition of Kreinik Reflective Yarn makes them even better. See the Runner's Reflective Hat by Cheryl Beckerich using Kreinik Reflective Yarn here:

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