String Art: The Next Generation

The next generation of stitchers—those under 20—call thread "string" and hold a needle like a touchscreen stylus. They like making things but don't like rules. They value freedom and self expression as daily life presents boredom, school, homework, and growing-up pressures. And they love the new String Art kits from Kreinik.

You remember string art, don't you? Wrapping colorful yarn around nails hammered into wooden boards to create pictures like animals and spirotot shapes. Today's string art style has advanced with modern tastes and trends: it uses metallic threads on different surfaces and in modern patterns.

Kreinikgirl (@Kreinikgirl on Twitter) shows the new way to do string art, with metallic threads on "floating" canvas, in this blog post for the popular stitch-and-embroidery website Click here for the article:

The designs and ideas are available in new and coming-soon kits from Kreinik. Look for the Kreinik String Art On Canvas series. Each kit includes design outlines, thread (the string, some of which glows in the dark), needle, Polysil™ canvas, and reusable embroidery hoop. You even get double-sided tape to attach your string art to anything, such as a notebook, cosmetic bag, sleep mask, or anything your heart desires.

String Art isn't just for the young, mind you. Anyone wanting a quick, low-stress, colorful thread project will love these string art kits. You get self-expression and creativity without charts, order, rules and critique. Anyone who fears doing something "the wrong way" needs to make a Kreinik String Art On Canvas project. There is no wrong way to stitch one. Mental health note: once you learn to let go, you relax, and the creative freedom feels wonderful.

So no matter your age, your mission is to explore the exciting world of String Art On Canvas, to seek out free-form creativity, to boldly stitch on something you may not have tried before. Stitch long and prosper.

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