Spring silk colors in bloom

Spring is coming, along with blooms and colors galore. We celebrate nature's spring shades with a spotlight on pink colors in Kreinik Silk Threads. See below for color families you can use in samplers, embroidery, cross stitch, needlepoint, and more.

Kreinik Silk Mori® is a 6-strand spun silk with a creamy luster. Silk takes dyes deeper than cotton, so the colors are richer, deeper. Silk feels dreamy to your fingers too, soft but strong. Use Silk Mori in any stitch, combining the number of strands you need depending on the stitch or fabric. Silk Mori comes in the same colors as Kreinik Silk Serica, the filament (shiny) version, plus a group of sampler-specific tones we call "Milkpaint." 

Kreinik Silk Serica® is a 3-ply twisted filament silk most often used in needlepoint, Hardanger, embroidery, crazy quilting and samplers. The natural high sheen of a filament silk looks best in specialty stitches that show off the lustre. If you use Silk Serica as it comes, straight off the reel, it's similar in weight to a pearl cotton. You can also separate it, moisten it and use it as a flat silk for Japanese-style embroidery.

Kreinik Silk Bella™ is a super thin filament silk. Even though it is tiny, you can still see the gorgeous natural sheen of silk. It is most often used for detailed work like stitching on silk gauze, or couching thicker threads, or fine details on designs (think veins in bug wings, etc). Silk Bella comes in a smaller range of colors, but still in matching shades to Silk Mori and Silk Serica.

For more information, visit http://www.kreinik.com/shops/Silk-Threads/

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